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EASY-Tech Process: Simplicity... at any cost!

Lechler's products for the REFINISH sector now also include the SIMPLY-Tech solution, which, through the adoption of traditional products and technologies that are easy to use in all conditions, makes it possible to achieve safe results with minimal effort!

Not all body shops are the same, just like their habits and the needs of their painters. That’s why the SIMPLY-Tech Process is the ideal solution for all those body shops that require maximum simplicity in execution, without sacrificing the final quality of the repair.

The SIMPLY-Tech Process allows for results that are consistently appropriate to the sector without the need for specific product or drying technologies. This minimizes the risk of errors, which can result in having to retouch or even redo a job.

The SIMPLY-Tech process makes it possible to achieve a final result that is ALWAYS safe and appropriate, thanks to:

  • A SIMPLE APPROACH: intuitive and easy-to-use products
  • DRYING IN ALL CONDITIONS: the possibility of drying at 60°C, or even air drying
  • FIRST TIME RIGHT APPROACH: guaranteed results on the first try for all repairs and for ALL applicators

The SIMPLY-Tech PROCESS consists of:


04004-04004-04007 GREEN-TI FILLER - High-solid two-component acrylic primer with extremely high filling power.

Thanks to a wide range of applications, the primer makes it possible to adjust the thickness according to need while still ensuring excellent sandability and a reduced level of finish absorption.

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HYDROFAN HE BASECOAT SYSTEM - Water-based matte base that provides maximum efficiency with the performance and simplicity of solvent-based products.
A system of coloured base tints that are ready-to-use, without mixers, and can be used for creating two-layer automotive, motorcycle, and commercial vehicle paints. The “STANDARD” version of HYDROFAN HE always ensures easy application of all colours, especially the most challenging, guaranteeing the utmost colorimetric reliability.


MC401 MACROFAN UHS SIMPLY CLEARCOATTwo-component ultra-high-solid acrylic clearcoat with a wide range of applications and outstanding aesthetic results, ideal for all types of repairsThanks to a single hardener and without the addition of thinners, this product ensures a SIMPLE approach in all CONDITIONS of APPLICATION and for all TYPES of repairs, guaranteeing results that are ALWAYS safe.

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