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Lechler IR-Tech Process: the easy efficiency

Lechler's proposal for the REFINISH sector is completed with the IR-Tech process which, through the use of traditional products combined with a proven technology for the drying phase, allows you to obtain the greatest economic and production efficiency for the most popular types of repairs on the market today!

IR technology

In the REFINISH field, although the IR technology has been available for a long time, it has often been used incorrectly, thus not allowing its main benefits to be exploited.

We are specifically talking about the use of a heat source, alternative to the hot air of the spray booth, generated by a lamp especially designed to emit infrared rays (at certain wavelengths), which, while hitting the substrate at a correct distance, allow a homogeneous heating from the inside to the outside.

The use of lamps allowing the control of the temperature and the distance from the substrate is essential to optimise times and temperatures, in combination with products with suitable hardeners / thinners for this type of "accelerated" drying: this optimises the final quality of the film, especially the finishing products.

Lechler IR-Tech Process allows you to carry out partial repairs (1-2 panels) in an extremely efficient way, thanks to high productivity and low energy consumption.

The main benefits, compared to the more traditional low baking technology, are the following :

  • STANDARD PRODUCTS - use of traditional products widely available on the market
  • FAST DRYING - significantly shorter times than normal
  • EFFICIENCY - reduction of energy costs and increase in productivity
  • SAFETY - complete crosslinking, with better chemical / physical resistance of the applied film

The IR-Tech PROCESS System consists of:

04702-06-10 MACROFAN HS HIGH FILLER - Two-pack high solid acrylic primer filler / sealer, available in three colours. It allows easy application in all different conditions, ensuring excellent filling power and excellent sanding, together with rapid drying with IR lamps.

HYDROFAN HE BASECOAT SYSTEM - It is the matt water-borne basecoat that allows you to obtain greatest efficiency with performance and ease as of solvent-based products. It is a system of tinters, ready to use and without mixers, which can be used for the realisation of two-coat colours for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. The system consists of a compact range of tinters, available according to use in different pack sizes (1l, 0.5l and 0.25l) for the production of metallic, pearl, solid and effect colours.

MC421 MACROFAN PLUS UHS CLEARCOAT - Two-pack, ultra-high solid acrylic clearcoat with excellent aesthetic appearance and flexible use. Using the various combinations of hardeners (MH100 line) the product is very VERSATILE and EASY to apply, thus ensuring optimal levels of brilliance and flow, even in combination with rapid drying of IR lamps

With the IR-Tech process, compared to a standard process that involves the use of traditional drying spray booth you can obtain:

  • 30% reduction time of the entire repair process
  • Economic savings of 20% compared to a traditional process
  • Reduced environmental impact by avoiding the use of the spray booth burner

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