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Colour Equipment, Tools and Software for Colour Management in the bodyshop

The Lechler Refinish system draws upon a broad, complete series of colour equipment and instruments that work together perfectly to enable the body shop to offer the highest levels of precision. In a complex world such as colour control, such precision is now simple to achieve, thanks to the constant availability of instruments that are easy to use and specifically designed to guide the technician toward attaining excellent results.

Lechler Map

Lechler MAP

Lechler MAP – Paint Colour Management REFINISH: a module designed to browse Lechler's world of Colours and Products.



EASY Box Map

This computer, which can be positioned on the Work Station, in combination with the Lechler Explorer ® software and by connection with a 7 or 35 Kg electronic balance, allows you the easy and guided colour formulation search and assures the control and dosage of the various components.

Color Match Easy MAP

Color Match Explorer - Lechler Refinish

COLOR MATCH Easy MAP - SPECTROPHOTOMETER. This is a significant evolution of the automatic colour search system CME, introduced to the market from 2011 and now completely integrated inside the management software of Lechler MAP.



Hydrobox - Lechler Refinish

Static work station where all the Hydrofan basecoats are displayed for use. It protects basecoats against dust thanks to a closed door structure, equipped with clear plastic doors with quick access; stocks up to 130 Hydro-bottles, basecoats and back-up; more safety: it is a static structure with no moving parts; it is possible to add a Atex heating kit; it allows more rapid basecoat rotation in order to always have fresh product;more space in the paintbox. 

Mixing Machines

Tintometri Macrofan

Equipment for the mixing of the basecoats with high efficiency and rationality. 



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Lechler Map

Lechler Map ® - Management software designed for final users of Lechler Colours and Products.


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Technical and Safety Data Sheets

Lechler Technical & Safety Data Sheets

Color Design

Lechler Color Design

COLOR DESIGN is the Lechler's new concept connects chemical development with the evolution of the language of colour. Color Design ›

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