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Easy Efficiency SMART PROGRAM

New tools to aid the management of car body shop activities in the most efficient way possible and ensure a safer future.


The recent market restrictions have accelerated the need for a change of process in the Automotive market: the only answer is to adopt innovative work methods.

With Easy Efficiency SMART PROGRAM we offer new training, consulting and assistance for a prompt utilisation of high efficiency painting processes.SMART PROGRAM

EASY EFFICIENCY SMART PROGRAM: The easy choice, the right process, the best repair.

Lechler Refinish, with EASY EFFICIENCY SMART PROGRAM, gives the painter all skills and necessary tools to choose the rightest process for each type of repair. The path is composed of various steps, among which specific training programmes, technical and consulting sessions at the body shop, besides tools and products allowing the easy detection and application of the most efficient process for each repair.

SMART TRAININGCustomised training programmes

An even wider and improved training offer, which can be customised by a course proposal by “remote” mode, is being developed in addition to the catalogue of traditional training programmes “in presence” supplied by the Centre for Excellence. Hence, the whole offer is renewed through:

  • contents, which were revised and contextualised to the new market’s needs
  • formats, which are suitable to be also supplied by “remote” mode
  • training tools, which are more efficient and immediate (videos, tutorials, etc).

SMART TEAMA skilled team for a more efficient car body shop

Smart Team is a multi-skilled team putting at your disposal all technical, commercial, financial and process skills to ensure an all-round consulting to experts in the sector. Main targets are to acquire, support and retain those body shops striving to be leaders in the car repair sector through a “specialised” path, defining a continuous improvement to reach highest levels of efficiency and productivity by sharing our specialised assistance and skills.

SMART COMMUNICATIONCommunication tools which can be customised

New, more efficient and flexible marketing tools are available to adapt to all personnel, in order to explain, enhance and spread in a suitable and professional way all benefits of the Value Proposition coming from implementation of the High Efficiency Processes.

  • A digital catalogue, in the form of an APP, allows you to get all information and documents (videos, MKT information, TDS, etc) by a simple “click”.
  • The communication via Mailing, Social, Website, etc., will be targeted, quick and effective through the utilisation of a “CEM” (Customer Experience Management) platform.

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