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Lechler MAP Paint Colour Management REFINISH: a module designed to browse Lechler's world of Colours and Products

Lechler Map® 4 Paint Color Management REFINISH is identified as an essential tool for body shops, the first software to optimise the performance and profitability of distributors and users.

The name Lechler MAP® and the logo effectively and immediately represent the goal of this software: to offer all the necessary information to navigate safely and quickly in the increasingly vast and complex world of colour and Lechler Products.

Lechler Map® 4 is in fact today able to manage the complexity of Lechler know-how formed by 5 businesses, for about 300 product ranges and more than one million different colour points, in a modular way.

What does it mean? Being integrated with My Lechler, the new portal dedicated to digital services aimed at our customers, when accessing, Lechler Map® 4 will self-configure by showing only the business or businesses for which the user has been profiled in our system.

Each business area is different from the other, and is designed on the basis of the specific features of the business itself, starting from the user interface, up to the modularity of the products and formulas database, which guarantees simpler research, but above all the possibility of performing selective updates.

Here follow some functions to be highlighted:

Formulas search

It allows you to identify the colour by acting by successive filters, in order to gradually narrow down the search field.In a single box it is possible to enter the Car Manufacturer and Model, Color Box or Master Car Code, Colour Collection, Colour Effect (matt, metallic…) and Colour Classification (white, red, orange…)

Display of the colour chip concerning each colour code

In order to simplify their identification, especially for the automotive sector, when the available information is not sufficient to successfully discriminate which is the corresponding colour formula.

Colour Chips Refinish

Management of "special" colours with very low rotation

When opening a colour formula containing one of these tinters, the system reminds the user to check its availability on the stirring machine.

Integration within Lechler MAP® of the interface with Color Match Easy, the spectrophotometer dedicated to the Refinish world.


Management of work sheets

with which it is possible to prepare the entire repair painting process using standard products and Lechler formulas or customised by the customer.

Management of the paints warehouse

through the barcode shown on the package label, with the possibility of managing the minimum stocks desired for each product, and an alert system that warns of the presence of products under stock or unavailable before starting dosing the chosen formula.

Dosage formulas

It is possible to manage mixtures of up to 3 components (hardener, thinner and additive), determining the quantity of each component and above all the possibility of defining in advance the quantity of the ready-to-use product to be produced.


For multilayer colours, it is now possible to see the colour chips associated with each coat and easily identify its available variants.

Services available via internet connection:

  • Technical or Safety Data Sheets that can be viewed (and downloaded for printing) directly from the colour formula page
  • Software updates (programme) highlighted automatically when starting Lechler Map 4 with a message (pop-up) on screen
  • Formula database update allows you to check the update status of each product range and the update level available on the central Lechler server. If necessary, Lechler MAP® 4 allows you to update the formulas of a single product range without launching the complete update of the business, significantly reducing the time required to complete the operation, as well as scheduling the verification and automatic update at each starting of Lechler Map® 4.


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