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AIR- Tech Process: Fresh air in the body shop

Easy, fast and with no energy costs

Lechler extends its proposal in the context of AIR-Tech processes to ensure repairs with high productivity and ZERO energy consumption.

  • SUPREME APPLICATION: easy and fast, all products of the process ensure maximum safety for all painters
  • VERY HIGH SPEED OF AIR DRYING, both in wet-on-wet and in dry-on-dry process with reduced waiting times at room temperature
  • HIGH PRODUCTIVITY OF THE PROCESS: thanks to the reduced use of the spray booth and the elimination of the cooling stage
  • MINIMUM PROCESS COSTS: thanks to the non-use of the burner for the drying phase, with almost zero impact of energy costs  

The AIR-Tech process allows you to optimise workflows and eliminate energy costs, particularly critical factors in the context of small repairs.

AIR-Tech PROCESS is composed by:
(watch the tutorial video)


MF402-406-410 MACROFAN AIR-TECH HS SEALER - Two-pack high solids primer sealer with high speed of air drying and great sealing power. It’s ideal for small touch-ups where maximum speed and safety of the result are required. The solution with zero energy consumption and maximum productivity for partial painting processes with high sealing power.

download the leaflet



HYDROFAN HE BASECOAT SYSTEM it is the matt water-borne basecoat that allows you to obtain maximum efficiency with performance and simplicity as of solvent-based products. This is a system of tinters, ready for use and without the need for stirring machines, which can be used for the creation of two-coat colours for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.
The system consists of a compact range of tinters, available according to use in different packs (1l, 0.5l and 0.25l), for the production of metallic, pearl, solid and effect colours.



MC390 MACROFAN AIR-TECH MAX UHS CLEARCOAT Two-pack Ultra High Solids clearcoat with high air drying speed and excellent aesthetic aspect, ideal for partial repairs (1-2 panels) requiring maximum speed and minimal energy costs. The solution with zero consumption energy, maximum productivity and minimum environmental impact for all painting processes thanks to its flexibility of use.

Download the leaflet



MC380 MACROFAN AIRTECH UHS CLEARCOAT is the two-pack Ultra High Solids clearcoat 
that allows you to combine ease of application and speed of air drying with polishing within just two hours, together with an excellent and long-lasting aesthetic appearance, for a truly unique result!

With the AIR-Tech process, compared to a standard process that involves the use of traditional oven:

  • 20% reduction of drying times
  • Reduction of the environmental impact with non-use of ovens as in the solvent-based painting processes
  • 30% reduction of application costs compared to a similar solvent-based painting process


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