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AQUA-Tech PROCESS: minimum emission, maximum performance!                                    

The emergency situation concerning the environment leads to all around reflections aimed to always make conscious choices for the protection of the Planet.

Lechler has always had products in its range compliant with VOC emissions according to the current European directive. The constant study of the Lechler laboratories has led to the creation of new products that complete an already wide range of products, allowing the implementation of an entire water-borne painting process, capable of minimising the emissions of volatile organic substances into the atmosphere by means of the replacement of most solvent with water.


AQUA-Tech PROCESS is composed by
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HS611 – HYDROFAN 1K SEALER LIGHT GREY - 1K primer filler /sealer for W/W and D/D “Full Water” painting processes. It’s easy to apply, it has a very good vertical hold with good adhesion on steel, EG and HDG galvanised steel sheet, aluminium and its alloys, fibreglass, old coatings, ABS and plastic substrates for car repair works and it gives sealing power to solvent-sensitive finishes.

HS626 – HYDROFAN 2K HB SURFACER LIGHT GREY -  Two-pack water-borne light grey primer filler for dry-on-dry “Full Water” painting processes. Here follow its characteristics:  

  • Safe application (no popping)
  • Good filling and anticorrosive power; it can be applied as a sealer (½ + 1 coat and 40-60µ film thickness) and as a primer filler (up to 3 coats, with film thickness up to 150µ)
  • Speed of drying, which ensures very good sanding
  • Significant reduction of overspray and of odour when applying


HYDROFAN HE BASECOAT SYSTEM  it is the matt water-borne basecoat that allows you to obtain maximum efficiency with performance and simplicity as of solvent-based products. System of tinters, ready for use and without stirring machines, which can be used for the creation of two-coat colours for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. The system consists of a compact range of tinters, available according to use in different packs (1l, 0.5l and 0.25l), for the production of metallic, pearl, solid and effect colours.


HC200 - HYDROFAN 2K HI-TECH CLEARCOAT - 2K water-borne fast drying clearcoat with high aesthetical aspect. Here follow its main characteristics:

  • Easy application thanks to its milky aspect (pilot effect) that guides the painter
  • Good vertical hold
  • Glass hardness
  • Easy polishing
  • High aesthetic appearance of the film with excellent gloss
  • Considerable weather resistance

The minimisation of the VOC content of the entire Aqua-Tech process, besides ensuring a very low environmental impact, leads to an improvement of the entire work environment thanks to less aggressive odours and the reduction of possible allergic reactions.
For greater insurance protection and from a social perspective, the containment of the risk of fire and the reduced emissions into the atmosphere are also positive consequences that are not negligible.

The AQUA-TECH process allows you to work in full respect of the surrounding environment and operators without compromising on the final quality of the repair.

  • Very low environmental impact, emission reduction up to 80% compared to a similar solvent-based painting process
  • User friendly, easy products to apply, odourless and with reduced overspray
  • Fast low baking at 60°C, just a few minutes more than the alike solvent-based products

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