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Colour Proposals

The range available includes more than 15,000 colours of the International Standards (RAL, NCS, British Standard, AFNOR, Federal St. etc.) and a selection of more than 4,000 “suggested” colours developed by Lechler on the basis of experience in the sector.

Color Trend Consultant 

Color Trend Consultant

Color Trend Consultant is the COLOR DESIGN project that presents new finishes with trendy colours for industrial products.


Color Trend Proposal

Color Trend Proposal

Color Trend Proposal emerges from an in-depth market analysis of the latest trends in Fashion and Design linked to evolutions in chemistry regarding pigments, raw materials and standards.

Master Chroma Advanced

Master Chroma Advanced is a colour sample collection, which was studied and developed for the Industry and commercial vehicle sectors to be used with our industrial systems.  


Cube Effects

Cube Effects

A collection of metallic and iridescent colour effects in a glossy and matte version, designed and developed to augment the range of colours available to the Industry and Habitat sectors.

PVC Trend Case


PVC TREND CASE presents a selection of high quality finishes for indoor and outdoor use, QB certified and especially designed for the PVC frames sector.



British Standard Fan

More than 230 colours in UK standards BS381c-BS4800.


Colour fan containing the 200 841GLRAL colours. 


Master Industry

Colour catalogue with references for commercial vehicles, RAL, agricultural machinery etc.

Master Color (NCS)

Mazzetta NCS

Colour catalogue with 1950 NCS (Natural Color System) colours.


Metal Effects

Colour catalogue containing 24 colour references for mica-iron effect which can be obtained with the following products: TECNOGRIP METAL (LS131) TECNOGRIP SPARKLING METAL (LS133), SYNTOLACK METAL (LS111) and TECNOGRIP 2K METAL.

Lechsys Colour Fan

29 tinter range is available in the most important and significant colours.


Lechsys Effect Colour Fan

60 tinter range is available in the most important and significant colours.

Mazzetta Diamondburst

Diamondburst Lechler

Diamondburst: transparent thixotropic diamond finish for two-coat paint cycles for pastel colours or with metallic or pearly effects.


Architectural Colors Collection

Mazzetta Architectural

Architectural Colors Collection is Lechler Tech colour proposal enabling you to choose colours to be employed in the decoration of architectural elements in plastic or metallic materials, such as paneling, accessories and fixtures: windows, doors and shutters for outdoors.

Matt & Glossy Ruler Color Design

Matt & Glossy Ruler

Colour card to help identify the degree of gloss of a surface


Products & effects card

A complete, reviewed and updated collection of aesthetical effects (from matt
to gloss) and haptic effects (micaceous iron, orange peel, embossed,
hammered, soft-touch and textured effects with different grain sizes), which
can be obtained with products from solvent-based Lechsys and Lechsys Effect systems and with the water-borne Lechsys Hydro system.


Lechsys Hydro Base Colour Collection

This tool is easy to consult, is small-sized and was completely
realised with Lechsys Hydro products, thus ensuring a very good
colour reliability and a good resistance to handling.


Habitat building Collection

The HABITAT BUILDING COLLECTION box is a work tool that contains all the elements necessary to see and touch the colours, effects and finishes and to quickly experiment with combinations. The proposal is composed of 9 hemispheres painted with the new finishes, a fan containing the 46 colours of the collection and a cardboard base which photographically exemplifies some traditional facade materials for a more immediate combination.

EvoEffects Collection

The EVOEFFECTS collection is composed of more than 500 types of special effect finishes, including pearlescent and metallic paint, and has been produced only with top-of-the-range YD943 Hydroplast Semi Glossy WS enamel which guarantees high levels of durability and quality, typical of this sector


Products catalogue

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Lechler Map

Lechler Map ® - Management software designed for final users of Lechler Colours and Products.


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Technical and Safety Data Sheets

Lechler Technical & Safety Data Sheets

Color Design

Lechler Color Design

COLOR DESIGN is the Lechler's new concept connects chemical development with the evolution of the language of colour. Color Design ›

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