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COLOR TREND PROPOSAL: trending chromatic solutions for the Habitat and Sporting sector

COLOR TREND PROPOSAL: trending chromatic solutions for the Habitat and Sporting sector

Color Trend Proposal emerges from an in-depth market analysis of the latest trends in Fashion and Design linked to evolutions in chemistry regarding pigments, raw materials and standards. 

Collaborations with style and design centres, architects and artists provide continuous ideas for research and innovation for various market compartments. The results of these collaborations are then optimised into proposals that can actually be industrialised and used in consulting programs and color trend initiatives for the most representative segments. 

During the past few years, Lechler's R&D laboratories have paid particular attention to the chromatic range that can be created through tintometric systems of the Lechsys families, both in the traditional version and in the Effect and Hydro versions. 

Color Trend Proposals are particularly aimed at the sectors Habitat, Furnishing components and objects, and Sporting. Here are the latest proposals:


Ink is a selection of 12 medium-high saturation colours produced in double layer with gloss and matt finish and sparkling silver base lightly coloured with colours in solution from the Brilliant Color series. The full Gloss and MATT finishes with 20% shine are available in different hues of yellow, green, turquoise and red, which are ideal for use on items in the Sporting and Habitat settings. The Ink series comprises highly customised effects that are ideal to inspire creativity and draw out the design of items on which they are used.

Ghost includes 12 photoluminescent pastel hues that cover the entire colour range. The photoluminescent effect generated by the special pigments used stores the energy of light during the day, and restores it in the dark. The paints are available with Gloss and Soft finish; hence, they are ideal for use on items intended for a wide range of use.  The Lechler Tech Ghost range is, hence, ideal to decorate materials or parts of the same that must shine autonomously in the dark or characterise components or profiles of their design.


CHROMO Effect, which can be made with the tintometric system Lechsys Effect, is the new paint that fulfils the requirements of new standards which prohibit a electroplating bath to chrome-plate objects. The sparkling surface of the aluminium chips used to make these formulas has a granularity that is so fine it produces a chromed surface, that is almost mirrored. Lechler's Chromo is an important evolution in paint because it allows new finishes to be made: "artificial chrome" plus finishes with new "nuances" to integrate objects better in the Habitat, accessory, component, and Sporting sectors, and add different shades to the typical brilliance of a chromed finish to make it appear "warmer". 

Chrome effects can be produced by using two different products, connected with the Lechsys Effect Tintometric System.

The first is LIGHT and DARK SPARKLING BASE COAT, the 1K matt base with a brilliant, luminous metallic effect. The Light version produces a platinum colour finish with a cold, intense flame, while the Dark version creates a perception of fluid warmth in a chrome shade. 

The second is LIGHT and DARK ARISTAR CROMO, two 2K semi-gloss finishes that are applied in only one coat: the Light version reproduces the look of liquid anodisation, and the Dark version produces a fuller, warmer finish.





Lechler's chromatic proposals for fluorescent colours can be made with four new base colours, added to the already broad range of the Lechsys Effect system: Fluo Fuxia, Fluo Orange, Fluo Strong Red and Fluo Solar Yellow. 

The set, as usual, is presented with the particular "box of chocolates" containing 24 different examples of materials painted with the fluorescent colours. Opening the box is a complete surprise. These colours are brilliant, original, intense and luminous - applied in three coats with a glossy, pearl, matt or “soft feel” finish obtained with products from the Industry range. 

This new series is destined for lamps, handles, knobs, switches, and frames, and also buttons, ski boots, tennis rackets, helmets, bicycles, eye glasses, and many more things! Fluorescent colours fill a wide range of needs: High Tech objects and products in the Habitat, Lighting Design, and Sporting compartments plus high visibility components and objects for safety or rescue purposes. 

In the Lechler Fluo Effect Set, clients will also find a series of colours make with a transparent "pearl" finish, which can accentuate the fluorescent effect and convey a higher level of brilliance. The pearl effect was produced with the transparent TIXOCLEAR PEARL paint, made by Lechler for the industrial sector. 



This is the Lechler Tech “Color Trend Proposal” with a proposal of original and innovative chromatic effects.

The chromatic theme interprets the concept of colour in four seasons with "drops" that show cool matt hues for winter, fresh sparkling colours for spring, warm brilliant colours for summer, and soft natural colours for autumn. 

The colours presented can be developed in many different ways through the use of new Lechsys Effect base paints with high luminosity, pearlescent and Xirallic metallic pigments.

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