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Lechler Tech Technology

Lechler Tech Technology

The painting cycles

The painting cycles developed by Lechler for Industry are extremely wide: 600 tested and referenced solutions in various industrial contexts, aimed at meeting different working situations of applicators, starting from complex robot painting plants to the simplest structures in the general environment. The performance demanded, results in a great combination of final result, painting longevity, working cycle price, low impact on the environment and safer environments for the workers.

They are based on the most recent of painting technologies tested in our R&D Lechler Laboratories in both the Refinish and Decorative fields, with important development on special formulations used in the industrial field. Research of the new metallic double coat effects, touch effects, the design trend in industry and architecture, the reduced impact on the environment based on the High Solid and Water based concepts are included in the painting system for Industry. This is with particular focus on the competitive needs of the industrial manufactured product. 

First in Hydro Technology!

The Lechler system addressed to professional operators in the industrial painting sector includes a wide range of innovative products, able to combine quality, product efficiency and final result with total respect to the Environment.  Products to dilute with water, have been developed and conceived taking into consideration the important philosophy of “eco-responsibility”, which is characterising Lechler.  Investment in technological development to put innovative products and services at the disposal of the user, with total respect to the Environment and safety for the work place and operators. LECHSYS HYDRO is the first water based polyvalent mixing machine system from which it is possible to obtain some LOW V.O.C. painting solutions.

It is able to offer:

  • safety in cycles
  • efficiency
  • reliability 

UHS Cycles

The Lechler system addressed to professional industrial users, includes a very large range of innovative products able to combine quality, productivity and final result with total respect to the environment. Ultra High Solid Products, which have been studied and conceived considering the important philosophy of “eco-responsibility”, are themes that Lechler are always pursuing. Investing in technological development and putting innovative products and services at the disposal of users, with total respect for the environment and safeguarding the operators in the field.

Painting processes employing UV technology

Lechler’s involvement in the field of UV technology dates back to the early 1980s, when the company’s R&D laboratories carried out an initial study of painting products that can be cross-linked with electromagnetic energy (ultraviolet rays).

From the first experiments we have moved quickly and increasingly widespread use of such technological solutions at industrial level, thanks to effective collaboration with leading industry partners. The exceptional results, especially in the treatment of plastic materials, can replace conventional paint systems in specific areas and have initiated Lechler as the technology leader in the industry.

Characteristics and technical advantages

The product film applied and dried with the UV technology is normally distinguished by some particular mechanical characteristics: very high hardness, resistance to blows, abrasion and scratches. In particular the glossy finishes are distinguished for their exceptional superficial characteristics such as high gloss, tension and filling. The innovative finishes with touch effect are characterised by High Tech surfaces, which combine high surface resistance with an original touch effect feeling. There are some other characteristics (cold drying and very fast drying) that make these UV materials suitable to treat plastic supports, especially those sensitive to solvents and drying temperatures. The rapidity and flexibility of the painting process and energy savings are some of the important distinctive characteristics of this technology.

Companies choose processes with very short drying times.The result of this choice is a very uniform finish, reduced energy consumption, no pot life restriction, products can be handled and packed immediately and stock is reduced. The highly reduced or zero V.O.C. emissions of the UV product, allow this technology to be considered as one of the most environmently-friendly available today.

The product and product development

Today, state of art of the Lechler technology is shown by UHS glossy and mat products and by solvent-less (water based) products.

Lechler research activities are strongly oriented to study some systems allowing you to obtain the highest and best performance with very reduced impact on the environment. The strongest impulse in the development of “Know How” today is destined to be at UV solvent-less and to new types of pigments. These are systems able to combine available technologies with innovative water borne technology. Materials which can exploit their high nanotechnological power.

Other resources have been invested in an innovative system which allow a wide utilisation of UV technology, with metallic materials or with materials derived for modern substrate coverage (plastic and metal) such as PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) and Sputtering.

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