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Wherever paint matters! Lechler products for industrial applications

Wherever paint matters! Lechler products for industrial applications

Wherever Paint Matters is the value proposal of Lechler Tech. It encompasses not only Lechler technology but a commitment to service which adds real value to our customers which goes beyond the limits of the Lechler organisation. Partnerships with specialist distributors make it possible to identify, design, implement and maintain solutions for a wide range of clients operating in a diversity of  markets.  

Wherever Paint Matters means a customer focused partnership between paint manufacturer and distributor  which combines paint solutions with excellent service and support.Support is available every step of the way and includes technical and commercial assistance together with training and logistics to meet your needs. We put the final customer at the centre with service and support  creating a network capable of offering something different in which the manufacturer and distributor pool their resources and abilities and act as a single entity. This is only possible  by offering consulting services before, during and after sales.This includes technical and commercial assistance, training, and refresher courses and efficient logistic services: a synergic proposal capable of adding value to every product, wherever paint matters! 

Directly from the technological core centre to the client and the applicator!

Providing a range of quality products and processes is not sufficient but is a basic requirement and even more so in the global market where quality and reliability are now taken for granted.  

On the strength of its broad range of paint systems developed with experience in international markets and based on a multi-sector technological core, Lechler Tech is able to offer hundreds of different solutions tested and proven by its track record and references in a wide range of industrial applications; solutions that take account of the various operating situations of the painter, robotised painting plants and simpler shop floors where the constraints are fewer. 

The customer can choose the best combination of performance for his products: aesthetic effect, durability of the paint, economy of the paint system, environmental impact and of course worker safety .This is made possible by using the most recent paint technology which the Research & Development department of Lechler has developed in covering a wide range of products and market sectors that offer significant improvements in many areas with important  benefits for specific formulations in the industrial sector.

The ongoing investments in Research & Development also make it possible to offer solutions based on systems with low environmental impact using water-borne and high solid technology.

Color that's Lechler

The range of colours has always been a distinguishing mark of Lechler and in the past it has been sought after and acknowledged by the producers and designers in Style Centres of large companies. 

The range available contains more than 15,000 standard colours (RAL, NCS, British Standard, AFNOR, Federal St, company standards) and a selection of more than 4,000 colours developed by Lechler as the result of its experience in the sector. Tinting systems make it possible for distributors and end users to produce all these colours 'Just in Time' in different types of products and technology which speeds up the service offered considerably.

Customers who want their products to have the ability to create impact can choose from a wide range of original effects such as pearlescent, xyrallic and metalized in an infinite number of textures and aesthetic effects, made possible with the innovative Colour Trend Consultant developed in cooperation with Colour Designer and Style Centres, anticipating colour trends in the various market sectors of application.

For customers looking for more bespoke colour solutions the Lechler network offers access to the expertise of the  specific consulting programs on colour which provide direct access to the resources of the Product and Colour Management team at Lechler.

Assistance in three dimensions!

Service is provided in three ways:

  • In the Field: Technical and commercial personnel operating locally providing response in the field supporting distributors in finding the solution for problems and accompanying them on visits to the final customer to assist with the correct application of the chosen system.
  • Call Centre: Office based technical support providing advice and enquiry progression. The call centre collects, processes and analyses reports and requests in the sphere of internal technical services, providing distance consulting and the start up of consulting programmes for specific products. 
  • Product Consulting Programmes: Specialist Product Management and Laboratory resources are involved in the identification, design and application of the ideal solution for the final customer. This programme includes product and colour formulation, testing, the issue of specific technical instructions and the design of tailor-made systems.

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