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Color Trend Consultant: new finishes with trendy colours for industrial products

"Wherever paint matters", colour is an important added value that can enhance the precious features of an object, endowing it with the capacity to arouse emotion.

Color Trend Consultant - new finishes with trendy colours for industrial products

Color Trend Consultant is a must for industries, decision makers, style centres and designers who design objects that will be marketed in the short and medium term.

Colours is a language that continues to evolve. Technological, cultural and artistic changes have always influenced the domestic landscape in our homes and surrounding environments. The analysis of past products revealed that significant colour changes are recorded in cycles which means that general colour preferences for the near future can be predicted with a fair degree of accuracy. Defining new scenarios is an essential aspect of Color Design and contributes to determining the quality of home environments, architectural features of buildings and the commercial success of an industrial product.

In this first phase Lechler Tech has developed:

Color Trend Consultant Natural Value

Color Trend Consultant Natural Value

Natural Value is a timeless collection recalling the chromatic and material schemes of nature. The long tail of “The Way of Nature” translates into a new project for industrial finishes characterised by a language of nature, hence Natural, which becomes Glam or Chromatic according to the combinations used.

The colour references are those most present in nature, they are yellow, green and red, developed in different brightness and saturation. Supreme gloss and supreme matt finishes are combined with each other to create innovative schemes.


Color Trend Consultant ACROMATICA

Color Trend Consultant ACROMATICA

The new collection ACROMATICA, in contrast with other collections, studies for the first time interaction among new finish effects, taking into consideration also interior lighting.

Furthermore, this collection aspires to meet the demands of multi-functional spaces, such as home-offices, open-plan houses, etc. In these areas visual complexity is very high, because objects with very different shapes and functions live side by side. When you use Acromatica finishes, colours vanish to make integration easier: in this way, attention moves on new finishes that range from ultra matt to super gloss on a scale from white to absolute black.


Color Design Synergia

SynergÍa EFFECTS & COLORS - A “bridging collection” between Lechler Tech Color Trend Consultant Acromatica and IVE Color Trend Habitat Edition 2.

Synergìa collection merges perfectly with proposals of ACROMATICA collection, allowing user to amplify the range of colour/effect solutions with the most suitable tones to underline the specific characteristics of new effects already presented.


Color Trend Consultant CLASSICS

Color Trend Consultant Classics

The classics are inspired by the historic colours of Italian and European culture. 

White, red, green and blue colours are a constant palette of our past. They have a central position and can interpret different languages, from Minimal to Glam, from Natural to Chromatic. In this collection they have been revisited with gloss finishes and new saturated colours
to adapt them to the aesthetic and ecological demands of new basic products, that will have to appear less in order to last longer.


Color Trend Consultant GOLDEN SHADES 

Warm metals have been the actual protagonists of the past ten years. Having replaced metallic grey and the cold hues of the Minimal style, they are the symbols of the latest Glam trend.

Satin finish gold, matt titanium and copper nuances recall the glamour of the bygone '50s, and characterise objects and spaces with their warm tactile metal surfaces. The collection presents a patinated range of titanium, gold and copper hues that perfectly merge with wood and the natural materials demanded by the new Glam trend.


Color Trend Consultant PASTELLI

Color Trend Consultant PASTELLI

Colour is once again becoming a focal point of our homes. We are shifting from Natural to CHROMATIC with new hues and new colour combinations that will characterize products.

To align the products with this trend Lechler Tech offers a collection of scarcely saturated, non-metallic colours that evoke the pastel hues of the 1950s. The new concept lies in the finish: they have a "velvet-feel" conveyed by a "super-matt" finish.

Color Trend Consultant POLINEUTRI

Color Trend Consultant POLINEUTRI

The MINIMAL line has completed its cycle and metal greys are shifting towards CHROMATICsolutions gaining a pale hue. The dominant shades allow us to better match them with the latest colourful surfaces. 

The series evokes the anodised aluminium of the past with a prevalence of light blue, gold and antique rose. Four ranges are proposed with four finishes ranging from ULTRA MATT to SEMI MATT which range from a coloured single layers to soft touch.



Color Trend Consultant is a Lechler Color Design Project

Lechler Color Design

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