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EVOEFFECTS COLLECTION: responsible innovation

The EVOEFFECTS collection has been created with an innovative approach to interior design (Habitat Interior), combining the needs of product appearance and industrial design with a commitment to sustainability.

The EVOEFFECTS collection is composed of more than 500 types of special effect finishes, including pearlescent and metallic paint, and has been produced only with top-of-the-range YD943 Hydroplast Semi Glossy WS enamel which guarantees high levels of durability and quality, typical of this sector.

To address the need to adopt always innovative sustainable solutions, we constantly research new paint formulations made with advanced technologies capable of reducing the impact on the environment, using materials and production systems of excellent quality, effective in protecting and extending the life cycle of the product.

All the products in the collection feature very low solvent content which results in a marked reduction in VOC emissions. Our production facility complies with all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality management systems to guarantee our clients complete reliability and safety of use. It is also possible to produce paints with binders compliant to CAM criteria in order to offer products in compliance with the strictest international environmental protocols.

The range of colours is produced with state-of-the-art high-durability lead-free pigments which satisfy the highest quality requirements and specifications of the industrial world.

With the colour cards included in the box, you can easily choose a colour and create the desired paint in the needed quantities at any Lechler store equipped with the LECHSYS HYDRO Tintometer or take advantage of the innovative and unique “Intinta service”. This service consists in the possibility of ordering any colour in the collection—even in small quantities, starting from a single 4-litre tin—for those who do not have access to a store with a Tintometer machine.

Start making conscious choices to protect the environment: choose water-based products!

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