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Color Design HABITAT BUILDING is a collection of finishes designed to harmoniously combine painted plastic surfaces with historical architectural materials such as aluminium, concrete and textile, evoking their iconic colours and interpreting them with new finishes. The painted plastic surfaces free themselves from the connotation of "imitative material" and acquire their own identity; colours, effects and finishes, in fact, sublimate the plastic and delicately evoke the materials of modern constructions, thus becoming an important element of harmony of the whole.

Painting offers the possibility of giving rise to homogeneous surfaces with metallic, micaceous or texture finishes with the addition of dedicated additives. The inspiration for the new finishes comes from materials and material colours such as corten and burnished iron, iridescent and natural colours like the sky and green vegetable, neutrals like concrete and aluminium and lastly, the graphic effects of light and shadow, the light of the textile facades and the dark of the lacquered metals.

The colours of these materials give rise to four collections:

MATERIC (in tones of corten and warm anthracite),

NEUTRAL (in tones of concrete and aluminium),

NATURAL (in tones of the sky and urban greenery)

GRAPHIC (in tones of contemporary textile facades and cold anthracite),

characterised by the Matt, Satin Matt, Gloss, Metallic and Texture Soft Grain finishes.

Why a collection featuring plastic?

Cost-effective, versatile and light, PLASTIC has been a revolutionary innovation accessible to all and it is really difficult to imagine life without it today.

Its incredible peculiarities make it a much used material also for architecture. This is even more true for some plastics that also have exceptional mechanical characteristics (such as PVC), water repellence and resistance to mould, fungi and bacteria, they can also be recycled.

Its widespread utilisation requires a conscious and responsible use - and reuse: its recycling allows a reduction of up to 90% of CO2 emissions compared to new production. For this reason the trend today in terms of sustainability is to promote its repairability and reuse and to encourage the use of recycled or biodegradable plastics.

The coating of plastics for the Habitat Building stands out as a powerful and refined means of protecting and extending the service life as well as further improving environmental sustainability.

The collection offers QB certified water-borne painting solutions (a brand issued by CSTB, the French body that deals with innovation in the construction sector) which limit the emission of so-called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere.

Habitat Building Collection

The HABITAT BUILDING COLLECTION box is a work tool that contains all the elements necessary to see and touch the colours, effects and finishes and to quickly experiment with combinations.

The proposal is composed of 9 hemispheres painted with the new finishes, a fan containing the 46 colours of the collection and a cardboard base which photographically exemplifies some traditional facade materials for a more immediate combination.


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