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Innovative formulation (DBTL-free) with low environmental impact and improved performance: discover the new Isofan!

Isofan enamel comes with an innovative formulation that pays attention to the environment (DBTL-free and low VOC content), also improved in the speed of drying and easy to use with most popular application systems.

Isofan represents Lechler Tech's most competitive and technologically advanced solution, with an excellent quality / price ratio and a very high aesthetic result thanks to a complete and dedicated product portfolio of hardeners (13500 ISOFAN HARDENER FAST,​ 13600 ISOFAN HARDENER and 13700 ISOFAN HARDENER ULTRA FAST) and thinners (00550 ISOFAN THINNER and 00560 ISOFAN THINNER SLOW). In essence, Isofan is the key to open up new opportunities in the most demanding markets such as:

TRANSPORTATION (commercial transport, ACE, public transport, special vehicles)
More competitive than the previous system: excellent quality / price ratio, excellent resistance to solvent (oils, petrol, gasoil, etc.) and faster drying. Travel safely with Isofan!

HABITAT INDOOR (home/office furniture, contract, lighting engineering)
Bringing the quality of the typical finish of the car body sector to domestic manufactured items is now possible thanks to Isofan. Supreme gloss finish to bring home the right colour accent!