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Cladding: the solution developed by Lechler

Fast drying and easy application for airmix systems

Eco Cladding - Lechler

For many years Lechler has offered industrial products within its catalogue including solvent-based painting solutions dedicated to the maintenance and the restoration of cladding used on the external parts of industrial buildings. 

After the entry into force of a supplementary decree in 2010 of the legislative directive 2004/42/EC concerning the VOC emissions and the impact on products usable for cladding maintenance, Lechler R&D labs have focused their attention on the development of water-borne products that could meet these regulatory needs successfully.
Therefore two new products obtainable from the tintometric system Lechsys Hydro have been developed: 
LH157 (YD157) and LH158 (YD158) HYDROCRYL 1K, one-pack water-borne fast drying acrylic enamels, in gloss and matt versions, along with YD101 Hydroprimer 1K HP, an anticorrosive, colourable 1K primer, that allows you to carry out the complete painting process.

The characteristics of these two enamels are easy application, good aesthetical appearance, excellent mechanical characteristics, fast drying, good adhesion on the YD101 Hydroprimer 1K HP, satisfactory direct adhesion on pre-existing coatings in good conditions, steel and cast iron and their low VOC content.

Hydrocryl 1K has been developed to offer the market a specific solution with low solvent content for the restoration of buildings’ cladding. It is available “just in time” at all official Lechler distributors that use the Lechsys Hydro tintometric system with a large colour choice, specific for the Architectural sector.

Customised colours are also available according to the customer needs and requests.

Hydrocryl 1K in the gloss and matt versions has been repeatedly tested in the UK, where, in the industrial sector, these type of buildings are common. 

Eco Cladding

One-pack water-borne acrylic topcoat with gloss [LH157 (YD157)] and matt effect [LH158 (YD158)] are both available in a wide range of colours. These formulas can be obtained with a “just in time” service from locally based distributors. It is also possible to obtain customised solutions and metallic effects. 

It complies with the regulation 2004/42/EC (2010) Cat.d-WB (V.O.C.<130 g/l) PPD decorative.

This is a 1K water-borne primer with increased anticorrosive power, which is overcoatable with Lechsys Hydro enamels both in wet-on-wet and in dry-on-dry systems. 

It complies with the regulation 2004/42/EC (2010) Cat.d-WB (V.O.C.<130 g/l) PPD decorative.

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