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Carbon Look Cycle: Protection and Aesthetics for Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber, thanks to its exceptional strength and lightness, is increasingly used in various sectors, from automotive to sporting, and even in design and the production of high-end consumer goods. However, to maintain its characteristics over time and enhance its aesthetic appeal, particularly its distinctive weave, it is essential to adopt an appropriate painting cycle.

The choice of suitable products and techniques in the painting cycle of carbon fiber is crucial not only for preserving its mechanical and structural properties but also for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of this innovative material, making it ideal for applications that require both performance and elegance.

The painting process must begin with thorough surface preparation, which involves proper sanding of the resin matrix in which the carbon fiber is "embedded." In fact, one of the main challenges in working with carbon fiber is the presence of porosity and irregularities on its surface, which can compromise the structural integrity and visual appearance of the finished pieces.

After proper sanding and degreasing of the surface, the application cycle involves the use of a high-fill primer: 30100 CARBON PRIMER TRX FILLER. The use of this high-thickness primer helps to fill these imperfections, creating a smooth and uniform surface that improves the adhesion of subsequent paint applications. Additionally, its high transparency ensures that the characteristic woven appearance of the carbon fiber remains visible, thus maintaining the desired aesthetics.

Thanks to its filling properties and high transparency, this primer represents an effective solution for optimizing production and ensuring high-quality results in the most demanding sectors, such as automotive and product design.

The next phase is the application of the 30102 CARBON LOOK FINISH clear coat. This stage of the process is crucial for achieving a high-quality final result with exceptional gloss, capable of enhancing the beauty and complexity of the carbon fiber weave. It stands out for its high resistance to weathering, without degradation due to natural exposure, humidity, temperature variations, and other environmental factors. Furthermore, its extremely hard surface makes it resistant to abrasions, scratches, and wear, thus ensuring long-lasting durability and maintaining the beauty of the painted item over time.

The offering is completed with two pre-pigmented primers specifically for application on carbon fiber: 30101 Carbon Grey Filler and 30103 Carbon Black Filler, which are easily overpainted with the Lechsys and Lechsys Effect system's finishes and matte bases. This compatibility allows end-users to experiment with a wide range of effects and finishes, from simple pastel colors to the most sophisticated effects, ensuring high-quality lacquered cycles.

Lechler's goal is to offer solutions that not only protect and enhance the mechanical and aesthetic properties of carbon fiber but also allow customization of the final product's appearance, thus meeting various creative and design needs.

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