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Lechler Tech’s new products for PVC and Architectural-Habitat lines

From Lechler Tech two new finishes of high quality and resistance for painting doors, windows and panels in PVC and other materials used in the Architectural and Habitat sectors for Indoor and Outdoor usage.

Lechler per PVC e linea Architectural

LS943 2K PLASTICGRIP WS is a two-pack one-coat “Semi-gloss/Gloss” finish with direct adhesion on plastic, non-ferrous material and glass and good scratch and weather resistance. The new finish allows to obtain one-coat, quick and cheap painting processes mainly aimed at medium/large areas; it ensures the realization of a protection film with homogeneous semi-gloss/gloss surface aspect. The main target sector is the HABITAT.

The new finish is available in a wide colour range for indoor applications of the following manufacturers:

  • RAL 841 GL (solid colours)
  • RAL 840 HR metallic – mica – fluo colours)
  • TINTE BASE- BASE COLORS (Lechsys Effect Tinters colour fan)
  • NCS

It is also available for outdoor applications in the following colour proposal:

  • ARCHITECTURAL (the metallic colours  are composed by HR (High Resistance) pigments)

Pigments of the ARCHITECTURAL metallic colours employ the HR (High Resistance) tinters 29691 – 29692 – 29694 – 29696. The topcoat LS943 2K PLASTICGRIP WS is derived from the Binder 29943 of Lechsys Effect colour system, achievable “just in time” also in small batches.

Lechler’s painting of PVC for HABITAT manufactured items

These new finishes integrate the solutions that Lechler has already developed for painting PVC.

PVC is one of the most popular plastics in the world, and, thanks to the versatility of its composition, it is used in countless applications in various fields, from building to packaging, from furnishing components to fashion accessories. One sector of major use (50%) and development is the Habitat world for the realization of manufactured items such as fixtures (windows, verandas, shutters), doors and shutters, barriers and fences.

Utilizzo del PVC nell'habitat

Why are the components for the house made of PVC?

  • The material is suitable for producing manufactured items of any shape and thickness
  • It has a good resistance to scratches and shocks
  • Good mechanical stability and lightness: the manufactured items do not deform
  • It has excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Good weather resistance against  UV, IR and good chemical resistance

Why should we paint PVC?

To further improve its resistance. Suitable painting processes improve even more chemical, thermal and mechanical resistances of PVC: they are an excellent solution to long-term decay problems of manufactured items, especially in case of prolonged and critical exposure to sunlight, weather and pollution.

To have a rich range of colours and aesthetic effects. The few colours available on the market (in blend production) limit the designers’ creative proposals and possibilities. Through painting you can customize any kind of production, by choosing among dozens of colours and colour effects, and providing clients, architects and interior designers with countless aesthetic solutions, including solid, metallic, mica finishes and gloss, semi-gloss, matt effects.

Technical solutions

Waterborne cycles with direct adhesion: 

HydroFramecoat PVC Flex LH 282 - Two-pack semi-matt acrylic enamel(25-35 gloss)

  • Direct application on rigid and flexible and ABS substrates
  • Easy to apply on complex shapes
  • Good adhesion (using special hardener) on door and window frame gaskets
  • Available in all solid colours

Solvent-based cycles with direct adhesion 
Framecoat PVC LS 282 - LS 472 - Two-pack semi-matt acrylic enamel (45% Gloss - 20/25% Gloss)

  • Direct adhesion not only on rigid PVC, ABS and PC/ABS, but also on substrates in aluminum and its alloys
  • Uniform satin aspect 
  • Available in all solid colours

2K Top Coat Plasticgrip LS 947 - Two-pack semi-matt acrylurethane enamel

  • Good adhesion on rigid PVC, ABS and fixtures metal sections
  • Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Available in metallic and mica colours
  • Topcoat available in a wide range of colours for indoor use

Lechler’s Colours for Architectural Outdoor in Gentek shades

Gentek, a great Canadian manufacturer of architectural products, offers its own colour collection, which is widely used in the North American and Canadian market. The attached table shows the Gentek colours matching the ones proposed by Lechler for this sector. The entered colour matching is only for guidance, the matching colours are not to be considered as alternatives to Gentek shades.      

Colours with high TSR

In the product range for PVC you can find medium/dark colours with a high TSR*; these colours increase the reflection of IR rays by lowering the temperature that the manufactured item can reach when exposed to solar radiation – if compared to an equivalent standard colour. These colours are realized using a particular black pigment (29511 and YD511).

The adoption of finishes with a higher TSR allows the manufacturers to plan less complex (then more lightweight and inexpensive) structures, as more "thermally insulated" and less subject to deformations due to the high temperatures.

*TSR Total Solar Reflectance indicates the percentage of energy provided by the sun that is rejected by the surface of the material; it is calculated in percent. For example, the white RAL 9010 normally has a TSR value of about 80%, while the black RAL 9005 reaches a value of about 4%.

The use of this pigment, present in all GENTEK colours and in some formulations of medium/dark shades (series P) from Architectural range, allows to significantly raise the TSR value of the colours in which it is employed, this lowering the maximum temperatures they can reach. It also allows to know, through the Heat Buildup Test, the temperature increase that each colour can achieve in exposure to the sun.

For example, in RAL 9005 the temperature can decrease from 75°C to about 55°C, as well as in a brown, such as RAL 8017, you can switch from 75°C to about 60°C.

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