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MACROFAN AP AUTOLEVEL PRIMER: one product … a unique product!

After the growing success in terms of sales and usage by international body shops, Macrofan HS Autolevel primer now becomes even more versatile and universal!

Macrofan AP Autolevel Primer: one product, a unique product!

Macrofan HS Autolevel Primer is the 2k polyacrylic high solids self-levelling primer/filler that Lechler introduced into the market in 2012 to assist the car repairer when painting existing or new panels, both metal substrates with cathodic coatings, plastic bumpers or other components. This high performance product acquires features that make it even more versatile and all-purpose; the VOC level remains compliant (complying with the limits for all conditions of use).

It now becomes MACROFAN AP AUTOLEVEL PRIMER, where “AP” can be read in two ways: ALL PRIMER (a primer for all substrates) or ALL PLASTIC (a plastic primer for all kind types of plastics). The improvements to the already excellent product allow direct application on all plastics used in the automotive industry: PP/EPDM, ABS, PC, PA, PVC, UP-GF, PBT, R-TBU, SMC, PUR!

Thanks to the introduction of the new additive (MT300), used in combination with the hardener (MH300), Macrofan Autolevel Primer’s new version allows the user to extend its usage to all plastics used in the automotive segment, giving excellent results even on polypropylene (PP).

The economic advantage is immediately evident: one product allows a faster restoration process for all new parts to be painted, avoiding mistakes in the identification of the type of substrate to be repaired!

From a technical position, it is important to mention the following characteristics:

  • Direct adhesion on metal substrates with cathodic finish, without sanding
  • Easy application and excellent  flow in as a wet-on-wet system, ensuring reliable results in all conditions
  • Fast application and drying
  • Available in three mixable colours – white, grey and black

With more black and white cars being registered and the ability to mix a full spectrum of grey shades, the new products will be launched in both black and white versions in a 2.5 litre pack size.

This new improved product offers a cost effective way to achieve consistent, high quality results with good flow and final appearance.

Leaflet Macrofan AP Autolevel Primer
Leaflet Marcofan AP Autolevel Primer

Treatment process of Plastic Parts
Treatment process of Plastic Parts

The ‘PLASTIC PROCESS’ poster is the new aid developed by Lechler to help body shops in the treatment of plastic automotive body panels. It is simple and diagrammatic, it can be printed and referred to quickly for correct preparation of new plastic panels or pre-painted; after preparation the poster indicates which primers, undercoats, topcoats and any additives to use for the best painting process.

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