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MACROFAN GREEN-TECH FILLER: filling as always, faster than ever!

Lechler's range of “Hi Efficiency” products has just been extended with a new, highly flexible primer boasting unique features!

Macrofan Green Tech Filler

Macrofan Green-Tech Filler is a two-component, ultra-fast drying High-Solids Acrylic Primer with a high filling capacity, suitable for use in all vehicle repair jobs, thanks to its modularity and flexibility of use. The reference to the Green-TI Filler Primer is evident, and indeed the two products are very similar in terms of filling and sanding capacity (for which the historic Lechler Primer is renowned). Macrofan Green-Tech Filler, however, offers the end user much more! Thanks to its formulation characteristics and to its modularity, it significantly reduces work times, both in terms of application and drying, in particular at room temperature, which is the most typical condition for this type of product.

Its technological characteristics make it suitable both for standard processes, using the MULTIPROGRAM universal hardeners, and for high-efficiency IR-Tech, Power-Tech and Air-Tech processes (in the latter two cases, resorting to a specific hardener and additive).

Thanks to its “high flexibility of use”, capable of meeting the technical requirements of all high-filling coating processes, Macrofan Green-Tech Filler is the ideal solution for all coachbuilders, and particularly those seeking to reduce their energy costs and maximise process speed.


The new product is fully in line with Lechler's mission for its Refinish products in recent years: to offer coachbuilders products and systems that enable them to achieve maximum efficiency, with an eye on both results and economy. The aim is to raise the level of productivity at the body shop through the use of simple, safe methods of operation.

A careful analysis conducted by Lechler's Product Management has shown the following average breakdown of costs for the application of primer, as part of a standard repair process.

Impact of Energy Costs

Grafico Impatti Energetici Applicazione Fondi

From the chart entitled “Primer Application Phase”, it is clear to see that labour and energy costs account for the largest share of the overall cost. It is on these aspects that the Lechler technicians focused when defining and developing the new primer; and all without neglecting the fact that the final quality of a repair depends largely on the first layer!

Given its flexibility of use, Macrofan Green-Tech Filler can be applied in the traditional manner and in consecutive hands (“One-Step” cycle), and with all drying technologies (air, oven and IR).

In summary, below are the benefits of the new primer:

  • Given its air drying performance, it enables quick, safe repairs, even in more “critical” circumstances;
  • Given the reduced oven-drying time, it generates significant energy savings, making this drying method more affordable also during the first stage of the process;
  • Given the lower processing times, both in terms of application and drying, it increases productivity and reduces the impact of labour costs on individual repairs.

Green Tech Filler

Macrofan Green-Tech Filler is available in white, light grey and black (all of which can be blended together)

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