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Macrofan MA380 Airtech UHS Clearcoat: New Air in the bodyshop!

It exploits the potential of fresh air, easy to apply and quick in the drying process for a glossy and lasting finish, a new varnish has been introduced in our product range: MA380 MACROFAN AIRTECH UHS CLEARCOAT, but let’s be prepared to call it A REAL REVOLUTION.

MA380 Air-drying Clearcoat: New Air in the bodyshop

The R&D laboratories developed the two-component ultra- high solid air dried varnish, developed through the use of the revolutionary technology Airtech, that allows you to exploit the drying potential derived from the humidity in the air. The result?  A quick drying process without any additional energy consumption! It is called MA380 MACROFAN AIRTECH UHS CLEARCOAT and, at the moment, represents the only product on the market able to combine user-friendliness, a rapid air drying process with polishing possible in only two hours and an excellent and lasting look for a really incomparable result!

The new varnish MA380 MACROFAN AIRTECH UHS CLEARCOAT, with low-VOC (≈350 g/lt), does not require any oven drying allowing a notable saving in energy terms, particularly so with smaller repairs where energy can be 20% of the total cost!

This means leaving the booth free for the completion of more extensive repairs and optimizes the management of the coachbuilder’s workshop in the context of maximum efficiency. The new varnish MA380 has been developed with a viewpoint of environmental preservation, always adhered to by Lechler, with the important philosophy of “eco-responsibility”: invest in the technological development to put at the user’s disposal, innovative products and services in tune with environmental respect and the protection of operators.

Furthermore, thanks to its low-viscosity,  Lechler’s new varnish lays immediately and evenly, allowing  a one coat application,  lowering the error probability during the execution of the work and decreasing labour by up to15%.

MACROFAN AIRTECH UHS CLEARCOAT is perfectly placed within the high-efficiency of Lechler’s painting processes, to increase the efficiency/productivity levels of Lechler’s coachbuilder’s workshops; it will be easy to identify, thanks to the logo “HI-Efficiency”, which is on the tin and on the pack.


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