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Lechler Color Reader

Color Reader is an “ultra-portable” reader for the referencing of solid colours: its use allows you to identify colours in a few seconds among thousands of colours available in the collections Master Chroma Advanced, Master Industry, RAL and NCS.


Lechler Color Reader

Light, intuitive and showing an appealing design, this tool is essential for colour experts: thanks to its multiple functions it can satisfy both those applying it and those choosing it.

It is very easy to use according to the following steps:
1) Connect the tool through Bluetooth with the App Datacolor Color Reader (compatible with iOS and Android systems).
2) Position the lens on any flat surface.
3) Click on the key ‘’Read’’ on the movable device and in a few seconds the three best colour matching references stored inside the collections will be displayed

Moreover, the colour coordinates will be displayed according to different international systems, as a basic function of quality control.

This tool allows you, moreover, to build your own palettes following your personal inspiration and to associate to measurement complementary colours or other colours through a very intuitive interface. Collections are easy to update to always have at your disposal the last version and any measurement can be traced back inside the chronology to avoid losing any datum.
Besides the device, the box contains a calibration plate (on the lens cap) and a USB cable to charge the battery.

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