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Lechler MAP Paint Colour Management INDUSTRY: a module designed to browse Lechler's world of Colours and Products

Lechler MAP Paint Colour Management INDUSTRY

Lechler Map® Paint Colour Management INDUSTRY is an essential tool for users of the multi-purpose systems LECHSYS and ISOFAN, and is a significant evolution of the previous Lechler Explorer® Paint Management Software, the first software to be conceived and produced in 2006-2007 to improve performance and productivity for both distributors and users.

The Lechler Map name and logo represent the goal of this software effectively: it is a MAP that contains all the necessary information to securely and quickly navigate the increasingly vast and complex world of Colour and Lechler Products.

In fact, Lechler Map is capable of managing the complexity of the Lechler structure, formed of 5 businesses, with about 200 colour series which can produce a total of about one million colours, but with one difference. In the past, the structure was monolithic; now it is a modular application. What does this mean?  When a client accesses the software, depending on their user profile, the system loads only the forms that are of interest and that the individual user is authorised to use. The user can see only the business area that they belong to, or simultaneously open different sessions in different business areas. Each area is different, designed based on the particular specifications of that business area. This eliminates the "noise" of unnecessary functions or information. The modularity and separation of individual business lines is not limited to view and interface. It is also present in the product and formula database. This guarantees a simpler search process, and above all, quicker specific updates.

By collecting and using our clients' requests, we have been able to improve some of the functions. The ‘Formula Search’ now allows to have a limited number of sector-specific fields on a single screen on which said information can be inserted as additional filters to gradually narrow the search field.Software integration with Color Spectro Centre has also been improved, management of work orders and, especially, of the paints warehouse has also been improved with the possibility of managing the single product with the barcode printed on the label., with the possibility of managing a single product with the bar code on its label. The warehouse functions are enhanced to include management of minimal stocks, with a warning system to alert the user when products are in short supply or unavailable.

Now, for the new functions: the main one is certainly the possibility of viewing the colour chips for each colour code, in order to simplify identification,  especially when the information available is inadequate to precisely distinguish the corresponding colour formula.

colour chips

Another important function is the possibility of managing "special" colours that are not used often: when the colour formula is opened that contains one of these basic colours, the system shows a message reminding the user to check availability in the tintometer. Instead, dosing functions have been improved so that it is now possible to manage mixtures containing up to 3 components, or rather a hardener, diluent and additive, and determine the quantities of each component and - most importantly - the possibility of defining how much ready-to-use product to make before mixing.

Another new feature is the database update function, and the possibility of viewing the update status of each individual series.  If the computer that the software is running on is connected to the Internet, the user can check the update level available on the central Lechler server. The "last update date" is a very useful tool for making sure that the most up-to-date formula is being used. For extremely urgent cases, now Lechler MAP allows user to update only one product series without launching the update process for the entire business area, which obviously takes more time.

Lastly, a more in-depth look at the new features would not be complete without mentioning the technology, which seriously improves platform stability, durability and security, and uses a "button" interface to make use easier and more immediate both on normal computers and touch-screen devices.


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Lechler Map

Lechler Map

Lechler Map ® - Management software designed for final users of Lechler Colours and Products.

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