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IED Torino presents ALISEA: the concept hypercar which pay tribute to ZONDA’s 25TH anniversary wears Lechler products
Friday, May 3, 2024

IED Torino presents ALISEA: the concept hypercar which pay tribute to ZONDA’s 25TH anniversary wears Lechler products

Unveiling of the full scale prototype developed by Istituto Europeo di Design, designed by the students of the Master Course in Transportation Design in collaboration with the Modena-based car manufacturer, that launched the iconic two-seater designed by Horacio Pagani a quarter of a century ago

A two-seater that challenged the norm with its distinctively essential nature recalling the timeless appeal of the classics, not disregarding a strong sportiness. A vanguardist design combining aerodynamic features and racing touches. A project that picks up the baton from the most iconic hypercar, projecting it into the future. It’s Alisea, the new concept car created by the students of the Master Course in Transportation Design for the 2022/2023 a.y. at IED Torino, in collaboration with Pagani Automobili. It is the result of a path involving 24 young designers and Pagani design team who worked for months on end to imagine the evolution of the Zonda, 25 years after the model redefined design standards and raised the bar in terms of style and performance.

The concept hypercar unveiled today at the Reggia di Venaria is a futuristic take on the undisputed carbon fiber masterpiece that shook the motoring world at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show.

As part of their Master's thesis, the young designers worked as members of a true design center.

The result is a simultaneously analogical and technological car, blossoming from meticulous research; a job made done to turn heads. Its surface has no decorative elements or interruptions: Alisea is a single, clean, and legible shape, with no hollows in any part of the body. The dynamic shape of the two-seater lies within an ellipse that ideally connects the front end and tail, framing a drop-shaped cockpit ending in the four iconic round tailpipes. The finish sinuously envelops both the driver and the powerful V12 engine.

The colors, carried out by Freeland.car with Lechler products for the Industry, underline the aerodynamic sections hiding the spoiler in the side view to make the overall design lighter and more uniform.

The 1:1 scale model, whose yearly creation confirms IED Torino’s educational quality, will enrich the prestigious collection of concept cars developed in partnerships with the most renowned manufacturers in the world and with the support of technical sponsors Pirelli, OZ Racing, and Lechler as well as technical partners Freeland.car, MINTT, AM Costruzione Modelli, Raitec, and Italian Design Wrap.

Alisea may be admired at the MAUTO – the National Automobile Museum of Turin – from May 6 to June 7, 2024 (for more information on opening hours and tickets, visit  www.museoauto.com).



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