Sustainability Goals


Lechler has organized and systematized its commitment along three main axes for sustainable development: the social, economic, and environmental axes.

From a social perspective, Lechler pursues goals of equity and future by committing to gender balance, continuing the promotion of the "Workplace Health Promotion" (WHP) program, and proceeding with the Lechler Academy project.

In terms of the economic axis, the objective aims for "sustainable and responsible growth". Lechler commits to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

As for the environmental axis, the focus is on reducing CO2 emissions, recycling and waste reduction, and the work of the R&D and Safety area.

Environmental Perspective

  • CO2 Reduction
    • 100% renewable energy contracts
    • Study on photovoltaic panels and energy community 
    • Rebbio and Foligno
    • Reduction in gas consumption
    • Sustainable vehicle fleet
    • Mobility Management: (Mobility Management Team)
      • Car pooling
      • Sustainable driving
      • Reduction in fuel consumption
    • Recycling
      • Reduction in water consumption and recycling of treated water
      • Obsolete management
    • Sustainable products
      • Expansion of the sustainable product portfolio
      • Study on implementing a product sustainability indicator
      • Increase in the percentage of sustainable products – sales

Social Perspective

  • Gender balance
  • WHP
  • Lechler Academy, relationships with educational institutions
  • Brazil participation award
  • Income support measures
  • Lechler purchasing group

Economic Perspective

  • Review of strategic guidelines (General Management)