Community Projects

Progetti community

Lechler's volunteer employees are engaged in sustainability-related projects both within and outside the company:

Inside the Company

  • Solidarity Purchase Group: A collective effort to support sustainable purchasing within the company.
  • Internal Sustainability Communication: Aimed at keeping all employees informed about sustainability issues and sharing tips for everyday life.
  • Sustainability Data and Reporting: Defining and monitoring chosen sustainability parameters.
  • Friends of Lechler Village: To enhance the facility by identifying and proposing activities, supporting their execution and management.

In My Office

  • Sustainability Ambassador: An individual who is more frequently and deeply informed about sustainability issues, advocating for more sustainable behaviors among colleagues and supervisors, collecting suggestions, proposals, etc., to bring to the innovation table.
  • Innovation and Improvement Table: A group dedicated to analyzing emerging proposals and ideas.

In Our Families

  • We (at Lechler) and Our Families for Sustainability: To assess the impact of one’s family on sustainability, improve it, and share ideas and best practices with everyone.
  • Us and Our Communities (municipality, school, associations, friend groups, etc.): To support individuals who want to actively participate in their communities to raise awareness on the issue and start projects supporting ecological transition.