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Color Trainer OUTDOOR: your home will be fine-tuned to the surrounding environment

Chrèon's colour proposal addresses architects, painting firms and individuals involved in the colour design of buildings, apartment blocks, self-contained houses and terraced houses.

Color Trainer OUTDOOR: your home will be fine-tuned to the surrounding environment

Chrèon presents a new innovative colour proposal entirely dedicated to the outdoor environment, trusting in the expertise of its Research and Development laboratories, and in the consulting skills of Francesca Valan, colour design specialist.

The outcome of this long development process, combined with Chrèon's extensive product portfolio for outdoor settings, has allowed to develop Color Trainer Outdoor, which can help architects, painting companies and individuals to choose the ideal shade of paint for all outdoor structures, adapting it to individual requirements and to territorial regulation standards.

All specialised Chrèon distributors participating in the programme have attended a training course that has provided the skills and know-how required to offer an overall customised colour consultation that defines the ideal colour proposal for every requirement, matching it harmoniously with landscape, living context and exposure to light.

Chrèon 's outdoor proposal too is centred on a scientific study of colour carried out by Francesca Valan, which has led to the creation of a new harmonious colour system based on innovative and prospective colour selection criteria. Dynamic hues made up of colours that can adapt to various environmental situations have been created. Hence the birth of a new Chrèon Colour Circle - Outdoor. Solutions proposed by the colour range are mutually harmonious in terms of shade, light and saturation, suggesting how to find harmonious blends of the same hue (identity harmonies), combinations (neighbouring harmonies) and complementary shades (opposing harmonies), thus also facilitating combinations with the various urban accessories and previously existing structures. 

It will, therefore, be very easy to change colour, while ensuring balanced and harmonious combinations. The study has allowed to explore and define new colour spaces by creating innovative hues, which are defined as interpolated, and which can be exclusively created with Chrèon products. 

Color Trainer Virtual Simulator provides a dedicated Chrèon colour circle for outdoor settings. You can implement simulations on environments, structures and types of preloaded buildings. Moreover, you can follow a simple guided process to upload the image of the structure to be painted or renovated in order to achieve realistic simulations of your project!

Some useful ideas to achieve the best results for your project:

  • when you choose the colour for the façade, keep in mind that it should contain the dominant hues of the surrounding environment without ever exceeding them in terms of saturation;
  • a neutral colour used for a detail of the façade risks changing its dominant hue depending on the colour of the larger surface; for instance, if a building is yellow, never use pure grey for details as it would appear bluish; this can be prevented if the grey contains a percentage of yellow;
  • when you decide the brightness of a colour, always keep in mind that it closely depends on position of the structure, since black fully exposed to light is lighter than white placed in the shade.

Color Trainer OUTDOOR is a Lechler Color Design project

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