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Comfortline: harmony and wellbeing for your spaces

Comfortline is the range of Chrèon painting products that will astound you from the word go: colour, to recreate the perfect combinations suggested by nature; material, for unique tactile and visual experiences; the open air, for a sensation of wellbeing also in indoor environments.

Colour. Colour is aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to the intelligent use of colour according to the Color Trainer principles it is possible to create beautiful spaces that are also relaxing, stimulating, educational, elegant, alternative...Comfort Line is available in all Color Trainer and White Soul pastel colours.

Material. The paint is the material and the special composition of Comfortline products generates unique material experiences, pleasant to the touch and on the eye, such as the full-bodied and enticing Framaton Ambiente and the intriguing translucent effect of Framaton Seta.

Open Air. Comfortline will make you feel like you are outside even when you are indoors. Put it to the test right away and be amazed by the sensation of wellbeing that you feel during and after application: you’ll never feel the need to open the windows.

Natural harmonies: colour, material, open air.

Enveloped by a fresh and clean outdoor sensation, we appreciate the delicate harmonies of the Color Design tones with reflections that fine materials and pigments restore to the environment, playing with the various lights that alternate during the day. Walls are refreshed and will stay cleaner for longer, and we can feel them by caressing the characteristic Framaton matt finishes of the Seta and Ambiente versions specially reproduced for Comfortline.

At the moment Comfortline is available in two Framaton variants deriving from the 10- and 14-litre Seta and Ambiente versions in all colours produced from the white base.

The new Chrèon COMFORTLINE is A+

Comfortline is certified A+. According to the “Le Grenelle Regulation” INDOOR AIR QUALITY ISO 16000-6:2011, already in force in France, the products in the COMFORTLINE have received the highest score in terms of “air quality”.

Comfort Line è certificato A+


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