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Color Trainer Interni EDITION II

The new Color Trainer Interni EDITION II, presented during the Milan Design Week 2019, represents the evolution of the project Color Trainer Interni

Color Trainer Interni Edition II

Color Trainer Interni EDITION II is a system of vivid colours standing out under any conditions of natural or artificial light. Unique colours, wisely selected and harmonised according to scientific research on brightness, saturation, hue and reflection, in order not to cause disturbance to human eye, to create balance between structures and furniture and to stimulate or to mitigate visual perceptions.

The project is dedicated to private citizens and advanced professionals able to master colour in domestic spaces. The colour circle, compared to Color Trainer Interni, is enriched and sophisticated and it allows a fine customisation of solutions for the rooms of the house.  

A new environment, called 'Multifunctional spaces', presents chromatic solutions for spaces such as Home Office, which are ever more frequent in today’s houses and whose destination changes according to the moments of the day.

The Guide

The guide Color Trainer Interni EDITION II is divided in chapters according to chromatic categories: White, Off Neutral, Light Tonal, Vivid, Medium, Shadow, Light Neutral, Pale, Medium Vivid, Medium Tonal, Dark.  This edition, presented during the showroom Fuorisalone in Milan 2019, has been enriched with new trendy colours (red and green) and with new categories of more neutral colours suggested for the new multifunctional spaces.

The evolution of Color Trainer Interni

The project is an integration and evolution of Color Trainer Interni presented in 2012, but it doesn’t replace it. The guide lines, suggestions and chromatic solutions proposed by Color Trainer Interni are still valid; the contents proposed in the first edition were addressed to users approaching the colour for the first time. 

Color Trainer INTERNI EDITION II is a Lechler Color Design project.

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