Color Trainer NEW DECORATIONS – a new way to decorate environments freeing up your creativity

Who wants to decorate a wall has just one way to do that: choosing an effect and calling a professional able to apply it. He can choose among a finite number of solutions, which are however expensive, accomplished and used by the mass. Color Trainer New Decorations is born to upset this habit. Decoration becomes unique, personal, created and applied by the person and for the person living the space. A new way to decorate your walls, linked to emotions, where right and wrong do not exist.  


Color Trainer Nuove Decorazioni


NEW DECORATIONS as spaces have changed, they are ever emptier and walls are freer. New decorations fill the void without taking up valuable space. This feature thoroughly matches new houses having a multi-purpose, even extemporaneous, use up to contract environments and B&B.

In today’s society the trend is having emptier houses, sometimes by choice and sometimes by need. The labour market leads to an ever increasing mobility, families are less stable and are built late more often now, world has less defined borders and you travel more. All this has driven to a significant change of the idea of the house, which has stopped being the house for life. Fewer and fewer people take the burden of investing in expensive and tailored furniture solutions, because the environment you live is often a temporary dwelling, on which it’s not worth making any long-term plans and investments. However, not to give up your customisation taste and to vent your creativity as well as your desire to feel good, you can focus on renovating and revitalising the cheapest elements: walls.

NEW DECORATIONS as they are not composed of expensive effects, which are difficult to apply and mess around walls. They are innovative and low-cost solutions, which can be performed with a few litres of standard products and, above all, can be applied by anybody.

What shapes?

Nuove Decorazioni - Le forme

HORIZON                                                                            DRAWINGS                                                                           STRIPES

Regular lines                                                                     Continuous geometries                                                   Regular stripes

Irregular lines                                                                   Geometric inserts                                                              Irregular stripes

HORIZON > HORIZON decorations are composed of one or two horizontal lines, which are drawn to resize the space. Each resizing creates a new possibility of colour matching. Horizon decorations can be used in two cases: first of all to fine-tune space with the person. This mode is related to the height of space and its inhabitants: a good example is the horizontal line in children’s bedrooms, where space is resized on their sizes; the other mode of use is aimed to enhance or harmonise objects present in the environment in a new scenic design. For example, an object, which is worthy of it, can be enhanced by means of a coloured background in stark contrast.

The horizontal lines can be regular or irregular. In the above-mentioned examples it is appropriate to utilise regular lines because they are more functional and supporting the objective you want to pursue. In other situations you can prefer to use irregular lines, which assume a leading role: for example when you want to give voice to a wall, which is insignificant.

Defining the lines height is not so complicated as you could think. In the environment a line is nearly always present, being determined by furniture, such as a door, a window, a fireplace, a sofa or an object. This line can be favoured and made visible with a decoration. Should it not be easy to detect this line, you can rely on simple mathematic rules calculated on the sizes of the room and of its inhabitants. 

DRAWINGS > DRAWINGS decorations are composed of geometric drawings and are divided into two sub-categories: in case of walls with no furniture or with a few furniture you can use ample drawings on the whole wall. In this case the wall plays such a leading role that you can’t hang any pictures, since decoration is itself a work of art. In other cases, instead, drawings decorations appear in a more discreet way with small-sized geometric drawings, utilised as additional elements to existing and especially communicative furniture.

STRIPES > STRIPES decorations are vertical lines building side-by-side stripes, mainly used on vertical walls: they can, however, go up to the ceiling or come down and run along the floor. If you decide to intervene extensively on a large-sized wall it’s appropriate to utilise regular stripes with two colours.  If you use tone-on-tone colours, stripes can be used on the whole room, while a polychromatic scheme is recommended on smaller parts or on a single wall.

What tools?

Nuove Decorazioni - Gli Strumenti

Paint   Low adhesion tape   Rigid yardstick   10 cm-sized roller with 6mm hair   Short-haired, 23 cm-sized roller   Pencil   Brush   Bubble level

What products?

To create NEW DECORATIONS no specific decorative products are necessary. If you can choose from the whole Chrèon proposal it’s almost natural to choose the new product range Comfort Line. For stripes decorations, when alternating two colours you can use the matt finish Framaton Seta alternated to the gloss finish Framaton Ambiente, where you can foresee standard decorative insertions with Graphia. In horizon and drawings decorations you can also use material effects of Carmina, which is always used in colour, allowing you not to differentiate the colour, but the material. 

Nuove Decorazioni - I prodotti

Nuove Decorazioni - I prodotti

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