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Isofan Marine Project – the best way of painting!

Isofan Marine products range, developed to meet the needs of the Yachting field, constantly looking for new technological and application solutions and personalised colour effects, is able to offer the best and most complete solutions. Thanks to its distinguishing elements, experts of this field can make the best technical-economical choice, taking into consideration the quality and the type of painting process required.

Isofan Marine 10 anni


Isofan Marine products, ideal to realise painting processes for yachts, recreational crafts and sailing boats, guarantee high-quality finishes with incomparable brilliance, light and ageing resistance, even under daily aggressive weather conditions, offering at the same time a unique and distinguishing colour proposal for this sector.

Choose any colour, without compromises!

1500 solid colours, 800 metallic, pearl and effect colours, as well as filler colours and support of our laboratory, that every day studies new colour solutions.

These are just some of the details of Isofan Marine colour selection, developed through the latest trendies of our yachting design and presented through a series of colour sample collections, such as: “Yachting Color Master”, “Master Chroma Effect” and “New Master Chroma”.

An exclusive proposal addressed to expert and demanding ship owners and designers to improve their design and technical skills and creative possibilities.

Partner distributors and workshop with applicators

The new proposal of Stoppani Isofan Marine finishes was met with great approval by workers in the sector; we develop monthly, both in our headquarters and shipyards, a series of technical-application courses for users, with the aim of presenting and testing in the field the excellent results of Isofan Marine finishing processes.

Since 2009 we have been organising dozens of workshops both in Italy and abroad with the participation of hundreds of workers in the sector, coming from application societies, building sites, boathouses and distributors of nautical tools.

Certified applicators

The high participation in our courses of introduction to the new technology and the realisation of the first important works on the products range led us to create a specific program for professional applicators who opted for the new painting system and the relative colour technologies.

The jewel in the crown of the project has been the creation in 2010 of a team of partner applicators denominated “Isofan Marine certified applicators”, experts of the sector, daily employed in painting activities. Thanks to their professionalism and knowledge of products, they can guarantee the best aesthetical aspect and performance with our product range.

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