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Stoppani Antifouling Paints

Applicazione Antivegetativa Stoppani su Opera Viva

The antifouling is a paint coating which is applied on the immersed side of boats (ship’s bottom) to protect from fouling.

Without this protection fouling modifying the profile and weighing down the hull could slow down the boat and increase the fuel consumption.  Beside these phenomena that could be perceived immediately during navigation, fouling creating waterways in the coating could seriously damage the hull. Having a rich, complete and quality antifouling range has always been a strength of Stoppani.

Here follows the Stoppani antifouling range.

Self-polishing antifouling (ACTIVE):

SIBELIUS ACTIVE” is the top product of this range; it is a high performance antifouling, whose controlled release of active components achieves a perfect antifouling function on all substrates. The white version ensures high performances also on aluminium.

Indicated for sailing boats or displacement hulls, it is available in 0,75-2,5 and 10l can size in white, black, bleu marine and vivid red.

NOA NOA ACTIVE” is a mid-market antifouling having a good price performance for boats sailing up to 25 knots speed.

The white version is compatible with aluminium substrates and is available in 2,5 and 10l can size in white, black, blue marine and red.

FISHER ACTIVE” is an antifouling with a semi-hard matrix (technology CDP). It is suitable for high activity boats and for temperate waters.

The white version of this product is compatible with aluminium. It is available in 0,75-2,5 and 10l can size in white, black, blue, blue marine and red.

Hard-matrix antifouling (ENDURANCE):

SIBELIUS LIGHT ENDURANCE” is the new universal premium antifouling.  Developed on the basis of the historical and consolidated presence on the market of Sibelius, the antifouling known at international level for its constant performance reliability, “Light Endurance”, due to its slow and balanced solubility, provides a high protection level over time against all types of vegetation even under the most extreme environment conditions.   

A multi-purpose use is the premium characteristic of this product; therefore, it is suitable both for sailing boats and motor boats, made with the most common substrates, which sail at different cruising speeds both in fresh and salt water.  The white version ensures high performance also on aluminium and light alloys.

The product is available in 0,75- 2,5 and 10l can size in white, black, light blue, blue marine and red.

NOA NOA ENDURANCE” is the new Stoppani hard-matrix antifouling, which due to the controlled release of its active components, provides a good protection both to sailing and motor boats.  It has an excellent price performance.

The white version can also be used for the protection of aluminium hulls. The product is available in 0,75, 2,5 and 10l can size in white, black, blue marine and red.

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