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Hydrofan HE BaseCoat & Macrofan Clear Tone
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hydrofan HE BaseCoat & Macrofan Clear Tone

Categories: EU, NON EU, BRASIL, Refinish

In recent years the car sector has stood out for an increasing attention towards the search of new effect colours able to enhance shapes of new widespread models and to increase their appeal towards customers. This has led to the introduction of pigments and production processes of new generation, which need innovative and special repair solutions.


With pleasure we inform you on the introduction of the following new products into our HYDROFAN HE BASECOAT system:

The new base contains considerably thinner and flatter aluminium flakes compared to flakes of standard metallic paints. This same pigment is used in the first painting by MAZDA on some colours and this allows to reflect light more intensively in order to boost levels of reflection. These effects are named “liquid finishes” and can be reproduced only by means of this specific pigment and of special application techniques, which need thinners and blender specifically conceived.

The base HF350 is needed at the moment to reproduce only 2 MAZDA colours (46G e 46V), which despite their great diffusion will lead you to have a “LOWEST” rotation level. Therefore the new base has been classified in the price list as “OPTIONAL”. With the main objective to ensure the correct reproduction of the final effect of these “special” colours (MAZDA 46G and 46V) and to clearly explain the application processes, a specific Painting Process Technical Data Sheet has been performed for each colour (CV42 and CV43). Prior to carrying out the repair the painter will have to carefully
read the data sheets and duly respect the instructions given.

Together with these new insertions the following new products will be added to the Refinish Catalogue:

These are colorants of new generation designed to colour the last clearcoats based on the most advanced technology, UHS MC405 and HS
MC500.  These new products, used inside special painting processes, allow to reproduce some extremely bright colours of the car sector. These colours present a much higher level of BRILLIANCE than normal pearl colours and a depth and specular reflection that couldn’t be matched by traditional products and methods.

To offer the best possible reproduction of these new colours through the Lechler system, the new products are now available.

In this case, too, a specific Painting Process Technical Data Sheet, named CV044 “Finish with coloured clearcoat” has been performed. We recommend you use this information and to get users to read carefully this TDS and the product TDS n° 0721 before using these products.


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