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Last news from Lechler for Refinish world

Thursday, November 8, 2018


We have the pleasure to announce the launch of COLOR MATCH Easy MAP - SPECTROPHOTOMETER. This is a significant evolution of the automatic colour search system CME, introduced to the market from 2011 and now completely integrated inside the management software of Lechler MAP.

The experience gained in the last six years using the spectrophotometric system in European markets has allowed us to identify some areas for improvement both as regards the graphical interface and the connection with Lechler MAP; above all it highlighted the need to offer different  modes of use according to the skills and needs of different operators in the REFINISH sector.

To propose a more effective and simple solution to Lechler customers, the new module has two different functioning modes:

«EASY MODE», a completely automated basic mode, to obtain the best match with the colour measured by the spectrophotometer. 

Easy Mode

«ADVANCED MODE», an advanced mode allowing the experienced user, on the basis of his own experience and colour sensitivity to further improve the measure performed by the tool and to carry out further measures and corrections when considered necessary.

Advanced Mode

For both functioning modes it will be possible to store the colour formula obtained in the archive of Personal Formulations of Lechler MAP and then  proceed directly to dose it. In parallel with the new software interface a new spectrophotometer version with the following code will be available: 99481.

The Lechler MAP version containing the module CMEasy will be fully compatible with the previous spectrophotometer CME model (code 99771). To exploit this, you will only have to update the software Lechler MAP through a specific release that will be made available on the Lechler Portal.

In a market context that is especially sensitive to the evolution of colour search systems, we are convinced that this further evolution towards greater simplicity and flexibility will help you seize new sales opportunities meeting the needs of different end users. 


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