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IVE's Value Proposition - Italian Styled Coatings for Habitat 

Italy is the international 'cradle' of the interior design and furniture industry. But the ‘heart’ of the sector (where quality, production and style merge and blend to achieve excellence) is the Brianza district where IVE was established more than 80 years ago. The roots in Brianza are an essential trait of its identity and continue to inspire the company to develop and perfect  technologies for the interior decor market and to provide excellent customer service.

IVE is a partner skilled in developing technologies and products that are compatible with any type of substrate and industrial system. The company assists the customer during all phases: 

  • pre-sales consulting by defining the most appropriate solution for the specifications and systems available through the Centre for Applied Research (CRA); 
  • sales phase by offering qualified state of the art analysis services to define strategies even with complex projects
  • customer care during the post-sales phase. 

IVE support can assist with project management including any formula adjustments required by the intrinsically live nature of wood. 


Today UV technology plays a crucial role in the market and is the pride of IVE. Particular mention must be made of POLILUX, IVE’s  paraffin polyester brand. Established in 1962 it has been demanded ever since by manufacturers of high quality furniture due to its exceptional aesthetic results.  Acquired by Lechler in 2013 synergies have been fully realised. Lechler’s multimarket experience and depth of technical know how have enhanced IVE’s capabilities. 

A good example is the Colour and Effects proposal which is the most extensive on the market today. It includes an amazing range of complete solutions both  for traditional items used in the sector and for furniture components made of  a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic and glass. The unrivalled range of colours and effects is a major benefit of the offer today both for manufacturers of design furnishings who wish to enhance the added value of their products with Italian Style colour and for paint distributors who, with the ‘IVE for TRADE’ proposal and the LWE (Lechsys Wood Extensive) tinting machine, have a capability enabling them to supply more customers from a wider range of market areas.

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