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Colour Proposals - IVE offers a world of colour!

The Colour proposal has always been IVE's distinctive feature.  IVE can produce all colours defined by International Standards and Regulations. As well as standard colours the company offers special colour collections based on trends and market usage. IVE support includes developing tailor-made colours to add unique distinction to your products. Standard colours, colour selections and customised designs mean there are no limits to the colour potential and service available at IVE. 

For distributors/manufacturers who need to autonomously create their own colours, IVE also offers the ‘IVE FOR TRADE’ programme.

Color Trend Habitat Guide  

Visual Composer IVE

Color Trend Habitat is a COLOR DESIGN collection for interior design that aims to create visual dialogue between spaces, furniture and objects. Using new ranges of Gloss and harmonious combinations of colours and essences, we enhance surfaces of different materials, from wood to glass, to create new domestic landscapes.


Visual Composer Color Trend Habitat

Visual Composer

VISUAL COMPOSER is a display that contains the colour COLOR TREND HABITAT range project. It is a working tool for designers and planners to match and simulate colour harmonies.

PS20 Catalogue

GLAZE of the series PS20/colour offers itself as an excellent solution to all manufacturers of furniture, especially in “poor art” or “antique style”


PS87 Catalogue

PS87 Line IVE

PS87 is a line of concentrated bisoluble transparent stains of universal usage. They are suitable to colour, protect and ennoble wood.

LWE Effects Proposal

LWE Effects

The effects are presented in the tool LWE Effect Proposal, applied on panel with each of 9 cycles that can be obtained with LWE.



Cube Effects

Cube Effects

A collection of metallic and iridescent colour effects in a glossy and matte version, designed and developed to augment the range of colours available to the Industry and Habitat sectors


Colour fan containing the 200 841GLRAL colours.


Master Chroma Advanced

Master Chroma Advanced is a colour sample collection, which was studied and developed for the Habitat sector to be used with our industrial systems


Colore del Mobile

Colori del Mobile

A chromatic selection of the 240 most common colours used in the furnishing industry


Master Color (NCS)

Mazzetta NCS

Colour catalogue with 1950 NCS (Natural Color System) colours.

Matt & Glossy Ruler Color Design

Matt & Glossy Ruler

Colour card to help identify the degree of gloss of a surface


British Standard Fan

More than 230 colours in UK standards BS381c-BS4800.

PS15 Catalogue 


The line PS15/colour is a line of patinas of universal use suitable to create an antique aspect in different styles to obtain décapé effects. 


Architectural Colors Collection

Mazzetta Architectural

Architectural Colors Collection is Lechler Tech colour proposal enabling you to choose colours to be employed in the decoration of architectural elements in plastic or metallic materials, such as paneling, accessories and fixtures: windows, doors and shutters for outdoors.

LW² Hydro Box

The LW2 box offers a collection of painting processes that can be obtained with our water-borne products both in transparent and in coloured version derived from CTH2


RAL K7 Classic

RAL palette dedicated to the world of furniture, containing 215 colors in practical 2x5 cm tablets

Products catalogue

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Lechler Map

Lechler Map ® - Management software designed for final users of Lechler Colours and Products.


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Technical and Safety Data Sheets

Lechler Technical & Safety Data Sheets

Color Design

Lechler Color Design

COLOR DESIGN is the Lechler's new concept connects chemical development with the evolution of the language of colour. Color Design ›

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Lechler for You

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