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Color Match Explorer: cutting edge technology for the color searching
Monday, July 3, 2017

Color Match Explorer: cutting edge technology for the color searching

The new version of Color Match Explorer has passed both in-house tests and “field” tests.



It is official!
The new version of Color Match Explorer has passed in-house tests and “field” tests performed on it with flying colours.
Hence the time has come to update your software for spectrophotometer-based colour formulation.

We took your suggestions into account, though it was no easy feat to voice the opinions of over 500 users of Color Match Explorer. However, we finally succeeded in summarising your requests into a single release, which is now available in the DOWNLOAD AREA of the Lechler Portal.



The intensive research and development work carried out by Lechler Color Laboratory and the Japanese partner, who is our software developer, has enabled us to achieve an important improvement in search algorithms and colour correction.
Highly technical terms to say that colour correction on the first reading is now even more reliable than in the past, and colour correspondence percentages obtained have increased considerably.



1-click!  It is all you need to view, in a single screen, all readings present in the instrument, and to decide on which of the 10 readings stored to perform the formulation.


And what happens if you do not need the stored readings anymore?
You can use the software to empty the instrument’s memory, thus making it entirely available for other readings.

NOTE: To selectively delete readings, you will, instead, have to directly work on the instrument's menu.



When the “pure search” for a colour correspondence does not yield satisfactory results, or if you merely want to minimise colour formulation times, you can leave the CME the burden of performing a search and automatic correction. But what happens if you wanted to know from where the software started its calculations? Or what if you wanted to know the initial colour, whose correction yielded the results you see on screen?

Now these data are clearly visible in the formulation page, where you can take note both of the initial colour, including Color Box references, and the changes (in grams) implemented to the initial quantities of the formula.




The files are already available in the Lechler Portal’s section AREA DOWNLOAD (TAI) >>> COLOR MATCH EXPLORER to:

1.  update the system that already works, and to
2.  install a new system.

Double click on the icon of the file that interests you to start the automatic download.
Then copy this file on the desktop of the PC where Color Match Explorer is installed and run it (another double click).

Always in the same area of the Lechler Portal you can also find updates for the HYDROFAN, MACROFAN and BSB databases.

NOTE: these contents are only visible to registered users on the LECHLER PORTAL that have entered on the MY PROFILE page the correct serial number of their CME spectrophotometer.


Registration on the LECHLER PORTAL is completely free of charge, and if you have not registered as yet, you can do so by completing this on-line form.



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