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Stoppani Antifouling Paints

Applicazione Antivegetativa Stoppani su Opera Viva

Our unwavering strong point is an extensive, complete and high quality range of antifouling paints! Often concerned about either launching or promoting the latest product, we must admit that we have recently lost sight of the ‘overall picture’ of our product range. This year we have decided to compensate for this by proposing the new releases we are presenting for the new season, underpinned by three key concepts: a streamlined, revised and completed Stoppani proposal.

STREAMLINING - What is the difference between self-polishing antifouling paints and those with a hard matrix? If the term antifouling is accompanied by the suffix “Active,” the paint will be self-polishing, while the term “Endurance” indicates that it has a hard matrix.

REVISION - The Lechler laboratory has redefined the balance between biocides and resins in products, finding a technical configuration that improves performance of the entire range and highlights new efficient features.

COMPLETION - The addition of a new antifouling paint with hard matrix, NOA NOA ENDURANCE, and the enhanced performance of the universal antifouling paint SIBELIUS, which has been renamed SIBELIUS LIGHT ENDURANCE.

Against this background, we are proud to present the new range of Stoppani antifouling paints, starting from the self-polishing ones (ACTIVE).

SIBELIUS ACTIVE” is the TOP OF THE RANGE product. A high performance antifouling paint, whose controlled release of active ingredients achieves a perfect antifouling action on all substrates, including aluminium. Particularly indicated for sailing boats and displacement hulls, it is available in the sizes 0.75L, 2.5 L and 10 L in the colours white, black, marine blue and bright red.

NOA NOA ACTIVE” is a MIDDLE RANGE antifouling paint that offers a good quality/price ratio for vessels that can sail at a speed of 25 knots. It is not compatible with aluminium substrates, and is available in the sizes 2.5 L and 10 L, in the colours white, black, marine blue and red.

FISHER ACTIVE” (a derivative of Fisher Paint) is a conventional antifouling paint that is particularly indicated for vessels that travel at a moderate speed. The product, with the exception of white, is not compatible with aluminium substrates, and is available in the sizes 0.75 L, 2.5 L and 10 L, in the colours white, black, blue, marine blue and red.

Antifouling paints with hard matrix are described below (ENDURANCE).

SIBELIUS LIGHT ENDURANCE” is the ultimate Premium UNIVERSAL ANTIFOULING paint. Due to the consolidated historical presence of SIBELIUS on the market - the antifouling paint internationally famous for its constantly reliable performance - “Light Endurance” has been developed with slow and balanced solubility in mind to provide effective and lasting protection against all types of vegetation, even in the most extreme environmental conditions. Versatile for use in any application, it is ideal for both sailing boats and motor boats produced in all the most commonly used substrates, including aluminium and light alloys, that travel at different cruising speeds both in soft and salt water. The product is available in the sizes 0.75 L, 2.5 L and 10 L in the colours white, black, cyan, marine blue and red.

NOA NOA ENDURANCE” is the new Stoppani hard matrix antifouling paint that conveys effective protection for both sailing boats and motor boats through a controlled release of its active ingredients. With an excellent quality/price ratio, it can also be used to protect aluminium hulls. The product is available in the sizes 2.5 L and 10 L in the colours white, black, marine blue and red.

The range is completed with two historical hard matrix antifouling paints, namely NOA NOA RAME, a copper-based high performance paint that is available in the size 2.5 L in the colours marine blue, red, blue and black, and SIBELIUS H.M, with synergistic organic substances, available in the sizes 0.75 L and 2.5 L in the colour white.

Streamlining, revision and completion. Just as we renew our wardrobe at home and, in the process, browse through cupboards and discover the beauty of certain old items, Lechler Marketing Department and Laboratories have only intervened where it has been deemed necessary by reformulating historical products, and adjusting them to meet market demands. We have merely straightened out our wardrobes! With the same satisfaction we experience in seeing an orderly wardrobe that contains both evergreens and the latest fashion items, STOPPANI presents its Antifouling paint range, which blends the quality and reliability of reformulated historical products and new products that will not fail to win the approval of our clients.

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