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MC405 Macrofan Power UHS Clearcoat: Your Energy!
Saturday, January 10, 2015

MC405 Macrofan Power UHS Clearcoat: Your Energy!

Categories: Refinish
Ultra High Solid Clearcoat with POWER technology


Following the launch of AIRTECH UHS Clearcoat air drying technology enabling repairs without energy consumption, Lechler has developed POWER technology which enables reduced energy consumption when using ovens by adopting faster application processes and even drying at lower temperatures. MC405 confirms Lechler’s commitment to reduce energy costs that have a growing impact on the cost of bodywork repairs. This is achieved with a low level of VOC emissions (<420 g/L ) and in compliance with standard 2004/42/EC.

No process is right for all repairs but there is a right procedure for every repair. This statement summarizes Lechler’s campaign to improve efficiency in the body shop. The campaign was launched a few years ago as an effective response to the challenges met by the sector.

At our Centre for Excellence we place at the disposal of our customers all the know-how required to choose, in every situation, the best process to be implemented to  find the perfect balance between the final quality of repairs expected by the client and the cost of the process.

However, it is not only a matter of organization and know-how. Genuinely efficient processes need specially designed products to underpin them. Following the launch of Macrofan Autolevel Primer and MA380 Macrofan Airtech UHS Clearcoat we present MC405 MACROFAN Power UHS Clearcoat; the ultra-rapid transparent clearcoat that enables savings of up to 30% of energy costs.

What makes MC405 MACROFAN Power UHS Clearcoat unique is that it achieves rapid drying times not only in optimal conditions but also in sub optimal conditions. Not all ovens  reach a temperature of 60°C. MC405 ensures drying in 5 minutes at 60°C but also dries in 15 minutes at a temperature of 40°C! 

This is consistent with Lechler’s commitment to delivering added value to the body shop through the Lechler High Efficiency Refinish concept. In particular, we focus upon process improvement using existing resources and without the necessity for investment in cutting edge equipment.

MC405 is a transparent ultra high solid clearcoat which (combined with POWER technology) enables savings of up to 30% in energy costs. Drying times are ultra rapid while ensuring the quality and durability of the final result. Additionally,however, it can be used in any drying condition, even for partial cycles or with lower performing ovens.

Focus on energy consumption, sustainability and low emission levels have been translated into a marketing campaign based on 4 elements and featured in the new Lechler Refinish 2015 Calendar. 

Since the dawn of time man has sought to control the basic elements. At times, he has succeeded by learning to exploit them for his benefit. Inspired by the powers of nature, Lechler has created solutions in which the inexhaustible energies issued by the elements are placed at the service of body shops to cut down process costs and enhance the efficiency of daily work.

Conceptually, Lechler has aligned High Efficiency refinish technology to four basic elements:

WATER: the Hydrofan System represents the Revolution of Water: clean, economical, quick and simple, it enables the creation of metallic, pearl and pastel colours with special effects for cars, motor bikes and commercial vehicles.

AIR: Aria Nuova  or New Air is the tag line of Macrofan AirTech UHS; the transparent clearcoat that dries in the air in a few minutes. It is easy and rapid to apply for a long-lasting glass-like final effect. Air has been free and abundant for 5 billion years so it makes sense to exploit it!

ENERGY: Macrofan Power UHS Clearcoat is ‘Your Energy’. Transparent, it can be used in any drying condition, even for partial cycles or with low performance ovens. It enables savings of  up to 30% on energy costs.

EARTH: Coloured Primers preserve both the colour and aesthetic features of vehicles even with  surface scratches and they help to improve the hiding power of finishes. Like the earth beneath our feet they provide a firm foundation upon which to build.

For further information: MC405 Macrofan Power UHS Clearcoat



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