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Color Trend Habitat

Colours and finishes for interior design  

Color Trend Habitat, la Proposta di colori e finiture per la progettazione d’arredo

Colour is once again taking centre stage in domestic environments through new finishes and effects. 

COLOR TREND HABITAT is a collection for interior design that aims to create visual dialogue between spaces, furniture and objects. Using new ranges of Gloss and harmonious combinations of colours and essences, we enhance surfaces of different materials, from wood to glass, to create new domestic landscapes.

COLOR TREND HABITAT offers a range of 62 colors in six Gloss levels ranging from Matt to High Gloss. Medium gloss (over 40 Gloss) which has not been seen since the 60s is newly proposed in different solid and metallic finishes as well as for closed and open pore wood and glass surfaces. A selection of contemporary wood types has been combined with new metallic golden effects. Colors have been selected according to the needs of modern styles and changes characterising these times from Natural to Chromatic, from Glam to the new Minimal.

Domestic scenarios will be featured in the coming years by interesting hybridizations between the four main poles of identity: Natural, Minimal, Chromatic and Glam interact between each other and create a new habitat.

NATURAL: color language featured by wood and stone materials in their original finishes.
MINIMAL: color language featured by geometrical forms and neutral colors.
CHROMATIC: color language featured by the use of color as a protagonist.
GLAM: color language featured by the use of classical forms and sophisticated finishes.

Color Trend Habitat

Lechler places at the disposal of all designers interested in Project Color Trend Habitat two tools that are necessary to create its own furnishing objects and which are useful to make a correct creative choice of colours, finishes and gloss: 

the Color Trend Habitat Guide, which provides examples, contextualises and supports the Designer in choosing and correctly using finishes, and Visual Composer.

VISUAL COMPOSER is a display that contains the colour COLOR TREND HABITAT range project. It is a working tool for designers and planners to match and simulate colour harmonies. The numerous possible combinations and the scientificity with which the colours and effects were selected allow the creation of original and successful solutions for the furniture market.


Visual Composer Color Trend Habitat

The COLOR TREND HABITAT CHROMATIC MATRIX is completely reproduced in VISUAL COMPOSER with 62 wood finishes, 18 for glass and 6 natural wood species.
VISUAL COMPOSER contains 240 chromatic samples: 204 for lacquered wood, 18 different wood species and 18 for stained glass. The samples are arranged in three columns in three dimensions with the shape and concentric size of the sample matching each other by composing original chromatic triplets. 
The finishes contain 18 new metal EFFECTS: 6 with 20 Gloss finishes, 6 with 90 Gloss and 6 in the GOLD series. The latter is for open and closed pore surfaces.

VISUAL COMPOSER enables to create more than 300,000 unique chromatic combinations of triplets! By counting the same colours on surfaces which have different effects, the possible solutions are even more than half a million allowing the designer to creatively develop with really unique and original combinations.

Color Trend Habitat is a Lechler Color Design project

Lechler Color Design

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