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Lechler do Brasil presents Chrèon, The Way of Nature and the latest chromatic solutions for PVC at the HIGH DESIGN– Home & Office Expo in San Paolo.
Monday, September 9, 2019

Lechler do Brasil presents Chrèon, The Way of Nature and the latest chromatic solutions for PVC at the HIGH DESIGN– Home & Office Expo in San Paolo.

High Design, the main event of DW!, is already in its fourth edition. Lechler do Brasil confirmed its participation presenting the brand Chrèon for building, the new series “The Way of Nature” and the latest chromatic solutions for PVC.


After the successful exhibition at the Milan Design Week, Color Design projects keep spreading on the international market. In the context of High Design, the international exhibition of high-range furniture with solutions for architectural and interior design projects, Lechler do Brasil presented “The Way of Nature”, the collection that takes inspiration from nature, its perfection and harmony. Indeed, recalling the complementarity of beautiful and good in Greek culture, in Lechler nature and technology integrate each other eurythmically, originating a dimension of ideal habitat.

Just like the previous series “The Way of…”, The Way of Nature includes colours and finishes of the latest collections of Lechler Tech, IVE and Chrèon; the exposition was the occasion to launch Chrèon, the brand of Lechler for building, that from today on is finally available also on the Brazilian market.

Over the last few years, Lechler Tech focused on the development of technical and chromatic solutions dedicated to the Architectural world, in particular to PVC; we presented a stand, in the pavilion ARQ + SMART CONSTRUCTION, dedicated to the exposition of colours on PVC, a material which is increasingly used to realise doors, gates and frames.

The fair, which took place from 21st to 23rd August, was renewed and enriched with new projects and contents: 3 days of exhibition with an increase in the amount of projects of 30% in comparison to 2018; there were over 100 brands with areas dedicated to workshops and a new pavilion. This edition allowed us to come in contact with more than 3500 experts, interested in our collections. In addition to the “main” event, we participated also in a parallel exhibition of DW! Design Weekend in collaboration with our customer Breton, presenting a colour collection inspired from Brazilian biomes, with finishes for walls of Chrèon, decors of IVE and lamps painted with Lechler Tech products. Finally, thanks to our proposal for the contract world, we participated in a workshop with the project team of Accor during the Business Meeting Hotel on 22nd August, where over 25 companies were present, involved with projecting and renovating hundreds of hotels on the Brazilian territory.


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