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“The way of Classics” – Color Design by Lechler at Fuorisalone 2017

4-9 April 2017: an absolute preview at the Fuorisalone 2017, the second event organised for ‘The Way of…”, Lechler’s concept focused on specific trendy chromatic sequences, which revisits individual Color Design projects to seek innovative thematic links.


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The Way of Classics - Fuorisalone 2017

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The Way of Classics - Lechler Color Design - Fuorisalone 2017

The theoretical foundations of Color Design, Lechler’s concept that links the progress of chemistry with the evolution of the language of color, were revealed at the Fuorisalone 2015, while the first edition of the series entitled “The way of Gold” was presented at the Fuorisalone 2016. The latter observed the new trend of using warm metallic paints for interior décor.

The effects created by “The way of Gold” series endow objects with extraordinary charm for living solutions designed to enhance Glamour.  A new style has now been noticed by Francesca Valan. In this period of transition and uncertainty, it represents a significant return to classical hues. “Classical” colors are typical of the history of art, and are instantly recognisable.

Red, Blue, Green and White are an intrinsic part of the western culture’s chromatic DNA. They convey the impression of solidity, favouring the dynamics of extension of the life cycle of artefacts.

With “The way of Classics”, Lechler reveals the depth of its technological know-how by revisiting classical colors through the use of innovative pigments and finishes. It introduces painting cycles that transfer color to artefacts with sustainable, high performance, industrialisable application techniques. True to the concept of “The way of…” series, the project establishes a dialogue between the individual programmes of Color Design di Lechler. Already in 2015 Color Trend Habitat anticipated a series of classical colors with a 60 gloss finish for furnishings and a series of neutral hues for furnishing complements featuring classical accents. This collection is now perfected with the latest shades of Color Trend Consultant Classics with 60 and 90 gloss in solid colors and metallic and pearly hues for furnishing complements, domestic appliances and artefacts for the living environment.

Colors and finishes in the above project visualise the idea of classical, but project ‘Color Trainer NEW DECORATIONS illustrates new decorative techniques for environments, giving free reign to personal creativity. Spaces have been transformed to present less bulk with bare walls. The new decorations fill this void without occupying precious space. The classical world’s idea of perfection, which we are introducing to homes with the ultimate decorative trends, is based on the study of geometry, proportions, and the use of the golden ratio. To underpin and perfect the project, the experience of visitors will be enriched by Comfort Line, the ultimate line of Chrèon finishes for the house, which captures and revisits the perfect combinations suggested by nature, precisely matter for unique tactile, visual and olfactory experiences; and outdoors to enhance indoor settings too with pleasant feelings of wellness.

The installation – Ventura Lambrate, via Ventura 15 - Milan

Visitors may experience “The way of Classics” along a path defined also by audiovisuals that have been meticulously created by the director Paolo Lipari.  Visitors may participate, interact and share their experience.  It will not be a merely nostalgic journey, focused on self. The perception of color will rather be the driving force of an exciting study that from the past will reach present day trends and project on the tomorrow.

A path centred on the culture of colour. Its impressions, stimuli and suggestions might inspire and support designers, industries and consumers too.


Lechler Color Design – The Way of Classics
4-9 April 2017 – Fuorisalone Ventura Lambrate
Via Privata Giovanni Ventura, 15, 20134 Milan

Opening hours
4-6-7-8 April 10.00-20.00
5 April 10.00-22.00
9 April 10.00-18.00


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