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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Lechler Associates Assembly named Aram Manoukian as Lechler S.p.A. President

Categories: News ed Eventi
Dr. Aram Manoukian presented the Balance figures for the year 2010, then was named as President of the Company with warm thanks for his work from Dr. Agop Manoukian

On Monday 20th June, during the yearly Lechler Associates Assembly, the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Aram Manoukian presented the Lechler Balance figures for the year 2010.
The positive result has been characterised by a 5,2% recovery in the complex revenues when compared to the previous year. This result is the index of a turnaround after the strong slowing in 2009, considered as THE economical crisis year, the most dramatic post-war. Costs, during the year 2010, have been kept under control with an improvement of profitability. Good management of the fluid assets, thanks to an attentive credit control and stock management. Also investments, a very important element for the Company future, have been well proportioned also for the year 2010, and they did not reach the pre-crisis levels.
Aram Manoukian underlined his appreciation towards all the co-operators for their engagement and he has encouraged the achievement of the difficult objectives in an economical context characterised by uncertainty and difficulty.

The Assembly had the task to name the new Lechler Executive Council this year: Il Dr. Aram Manoukian has been named as President and Chief Executive Officer of Lechler S.p.A.
Dr. Agop Manoukian, who leaves the Executive Council after 27 years, gave warm thanks. Dr. Agop dedicated with professionalism and passion a great part of his life to his work and he talked about the main steps he has done among Family and Company, in his recently published books talking about Lechler history.


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