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COLOR DESIGN “The way of GOLD”: the gold trail at Fuorisalone 2016
Thursday, February 11, 2016

COLOR DESIGN “The way of GOLD”: the gold trail at Fuorisalone 2016

After the successful debut of Colour Design at Fuorisalone 2015, Lechler confirms its participation also for 2016, introducing the latest developments and the first preview of a new project.


During Fuorisalone 2015 Lechler presented a preview of Color Trend Habitat, the colour and finish range for design of furnishings, completing the series started in 2012 with Color Trainer, consulting on colour for walls and floors, and continued in 2014 with Color Trend Consultant, new finishes with colours in vogue for industrial products.  

The Way of Gold - Lechler COLOR DESIGN al Fuorisalone 2016

Walls and floors, furnishing accessories and finally furniture: in the last year LECHLER COLOR DESIGN has reached an even more complete dimension. So Lechler can make an even bigger impact at Fuorisalone 2016 and with the awareness of having everything it takes to convince designers, who will converge on Milano from all over the world this year too in search of something new, that colour design combined with chemical technology are indispensable factors for the success of a product and a space.

But one can certainly not show up at such an important event without having something new to show: which is why Color Trend Consultant has recently launched the Golden Shades project which puts gold on industrial articles. Since the nineteen fifties shades of gold have been conspicuously absent in our home environments. After such a long absence gold makes its grand comeback, insinuating glamour but also something natural, precisely for its function of evoking materials and colours that really exist. After over a decade of "cool" metals, Golden Shades presents "warm" metals. The heat given off by these new colours has the power to evoke sensations and get away from less effective attempts at imitation of the past, without evoking a comparison between reality and make-believe.

But the absolutely new development that visitors will be able to preview only at Fuorisalone 2016 is the new series “The way of…”, which focuses on specific colour trends through the reinterpretation of single Colour Design projects and the search for new thematic connections. The presence of gold finishes in the last Colour Design projects makes it easy to guess what the first subject dealt with in “The way of...” series, designed in collaboration with Francesca Valan, will be: “The way of GOLD”. As anticipated by the “From wood to gold” trend of Colour Trend Habitat and marvellously exemplified by the “Golden shades” collection of Colour Trend Consultant, the metallised colours become warm and distinguish the furnishing solutions foreseen in a significant and innovative way. Furniture, cabinets and furnishing components in golden colours are backed by walls in Pastel Colour Trainer colours which harmonise the environment as a whole. 

So we invite all those who are interested to visit us at Fuorisalone 2016 (details will soon be available on www.lechler.eu) and get some insight from our colour schemes.

MILANO - APRIL 12-17th 


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