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Hydrofan HE Basecoat
Friday, October 16, 2015

Hydrofan HE Basecoat

Hydrofan HE Basecoat it is composed of coloured bases for the realisation of 2K colours for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. It is composed of 60 base colours in 0.5 and 1 lt. sizes for the production of metallic, pearled and solid colours.

HF000 Intense White HF161 Indo Blue HF319 Metallic Gold HF462 Reflex Pearl Blue
HF008 Sun Yellow HF163 Sapphire Blue HF390 Extra Fine Silver HF472 Reflex Pearl Green
HF013 Oxide Yellow HF168 Phtalo Blue HF392 Medium Lens Silver HF475 Pearl Scarabee
HF015 Warm Yellow HF169 Frost Blue HF393 Medium Silver HF477 Pearl Green
HF017 Ochre Yellow HF172 Phtalo Green HF396 Coarse Lens Silver HF483 Micro Pearl White
HF022 Warm Orange HF178 Lime Green HF397 Coarse Silver HF485 Fine Pearl White
HF038 Oxide Red HF181 Deep Black HF399 Fine Lens Silver HF487 Medium Pearl White
HF048 Scarlet Red HF186 Blue Black HF422 Reflex Pearl Gold HF495 Radiant Red Xirallic
HF107 Radiant Yellow HF187 Strong Black HF428 Pearl Bright Gold HF496 Diamond Blue Xirallic
HF110 Cool Yellow HF214 Transoxide Yellow HF431 Pearl Orange HF498 Crystal Silver Xirallic
HF143 Ruby Red HF221 Brilliant Orange HF437 Pearl Copper HF501 Opal White
HF149 Bright Magenta HF236 Transoxide Red HF442 Pearl Red HF582 Mix Base
HF152 Bourdeaux HF239 Fast Brown HF447 Pearl Bourdeaux HF689 HC Flop Controller
HF155 Magenta HF256 Mineral Red HF450 High Reflex Pearl Red HF692 HC Medium Lens Silver
HF159 Violet HF266 Turquoise HF452 Reflex Pearl Violet HF696 HC Coarse Lens Silver
HF492 Sunbeam Gold HF512 Viola Fantasy HF516 Arctic Fire HF370 Super White Silver
HF320 Sunset Orange


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