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Lechler UV-Process: Maximum productivity, minimum energy consumption… at the speed of light!
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Lechler UV-Process: Maximum productivity, minimum energy consumption… at the speed of light!

Categories: Refinish

Important news dedicated to body shop painters, to whom Lechler offers a new UV-Tech technology that allows high-productivity repairs, with very low energy consumption and very low solvent emissions.

The Lechler UV-TECH process offers maximum ease of application, thanks to ready-for-use products, without pot-life and ideal for small touch-ups. The environmental impact, both in terms of energy saving and volatile emissions, is reduced to a minimum because the products are low VOC, or even Zero VOC, and their drying by means of UV-Led lamps takes place in just a few minutes, with minimal energy consumption. Finally, thanks to the elimination of the cooling phase, the UV-Tech process guarantees unrivalled productivity.

This new process is delivered using UV100 ULTRAFAN UV-TECH PUTTY, the fine-grained knifing putty, packaged in a practical tube, which is ideal to level up small revision imperfections on metallic substrates or for SPOT repair processes and UV300 ULTRAFAN UV-TECH FILLER, the ready-for-use sealer-primer surfacer with very fast drying; a sealer and primer filler which is ideal to complete the substrate preparation step for spot repair processes and for small touch-ups where speed of execution is priority. This product is also available in the practical aerosol package with the code EL300 ENERGY LINE UV-TECH FILLER, ensuring a ready-for-use product.

The UV-TECH process of Lechler allows you to optimise repair times and at the same time to reduce energy costs, particularly significant factors in spot repairs.

Would you like to know more? Go to the UV- Tech Process page: maximum productivity, minimum energy consumption


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