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LECHLER colors Team Polti Kometa: discover all the chromatic solutions of the Aurum bikes at the Giro d'Italia!
Tuesday, April 30, 2024

LECHLER colors Team Polti Kometa: discover all the chromatic solutions of the Aurum bikes at the Giro d'Italia!

Polti Kometa's Giro d'Italia will be a race... not just pink! The bikes of Ivan Basso's ProTeam and the Contador brothers will indeed have a special quadruple coloration provided by the partner LECHLER

The careful search for the lightest pigments, the development of new products, the analysis of cycles, and experimentation on application methods have led Lechler to propose and select, together with Aurum, chromatic solutions whose weight does not limit aesthetics, resistance and effects. To combine the technical performances with the study of color evolution.

The colors are trendy, guarantee the visibility of the bicycles, aim to enhance the cleanliness and harmonies of Aurum's lines, and at the same time interact with the riders' uniforms:

Pure Black Sky Effect: a mix of mystery and space where the sparkle of blue constellations is lost in the iconic and classic Aurum black.

Medium Grey Sky Effect: an intermediate and necessary color between white and black that recalls the elegance of the bicycle's line by enhancing it in the less linear parts. Thanks to the Sky Effect, the tranquility of blue contrasts with a misty gray.

Accent Green Starglass Effect: it represents vivacity, balance and hope that accompany any challenge. The combination with social colors, high visibility and harmonization with nature make it simply unmatched.

Accent Red Starglass Gold Effect: strength, adrenaline and competitive fury are its representation. An unquenchable fire that will support the rider in the coldest and most difficult moments. The color blends perfectly with racing clothing, appearing almost as an extension of the body.

"The sponsorship agreement with LECHLER has been special from the beginning, precisely for this project that today becomes reality thanks to their great experience in painting - explains Fran Contador, general manager of Team Polti Kometa and CEO of Aurum -. Our bike brand is a flagship of the team and we are all happy both with the four colors, which will surely attract attention, and the entire development process enthusiastically shared by all parties involved. I think these customized colors for the Giro will please and motivate our athletes even more."

Beautiful sensations to which Ivan Moya, head mechanic of Polti Kometa, adds his technical opinion: "Joining forces with LECHLER is perfectly in line with our philosophy of always seeking maximum performance for Aurum bikes. We collaborated to obtain paints with a high standard of finish and the least possible weight, in the end we succeeded and this product is exactly what we were looking for for a race like the Giro. Beauty combined with quality and lightness: in a word, performance!"

This is LECHLER's conclusion through the words of Alessandra Damaschino, Marketing Communication Manager of the Como-based company: "Our proposal has developed along a technological and an aesthetic lines, to guarantee maximum performance and at the same time offer a combination of new colors and effects, but in continuity with Aurum's history. Elegant lines for a technical and classic artifact, destined to last over time."

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