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Team Polti Kometa and Lechler: together to pursue the values of passion
Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Team Polti Kometa and Lechler: together to pursue the values of passion

Together, united by a common thread called passion. This is the only way to describe the agreement between Team Polti Kometa and Lechler, who will start working side by side to achieve shared, ever more ambitious goals.

In recent years, Lechler has evolved from a paint manufacturer into a company that promotes a sustainable colour culture. The Color Design project has brought together the technological and humanistic aspects of colour, using nature as inspiration to create beauty that lasts. The ESS&RE project has given meaning, value and direction to the change of perspective towards environmental, social and economic sustainability.

It is a difficult task with two characteristics: the first is that it is centred around the human being, who must take responsibility as an individual, a team, a community and a family; the second is that the path taken never ends, but thrives on constant study, effort and updating of knowledge.

It is impossible not to draw a parallel with the sport where physical performance and technology are always pushed to the limit and the search for ‘marginal gain’ is exasperated: cycling. Athletic training, nutrition, aerodynamics, wattage and technical clothing to be applied to increasingly customised bikes, often with experimental components.

It was inevitable that Polti and Lechler would come together to build a piece of the future through Team Polti Kometa, given their similar goals and geographical proximity. A future with a specific form: a bicycle, the quintessential sustainable vehicle. Since the early 2000s, Lechler has specialised in high performance and ultra-light carbon painting cycles, thanks to its collaboration with Formula 1 racing teams and various bike brands around the world, including Aurum, an Italian-Spanish brand that supplies bikes to the team. Lechler’s commitment goes beyond sponsorship and will see the Como-based company involved in a 2024 project that cannot yet be revealed.

When asked to comment on this synergy which sees his company once again committed to supporting sport, the president of Lechler, Aram Manoukian, holder of the Order of Merit for Labour and also head of Confindustria Como, had this to say: “What is a BUSINESS? If you ask me or Ivan Basso the same question, you will get different answers. Instead, what we have in common is the driving force that propels the entities we represent to do better and better, to constantly question themselves, to reach one goal and immediately find another, more ambitious one: the passion for what we do. Today we are embarking on a journey together, in the hope that our efforts will contribute to the achievement of new feats by the team’s riders.”

He is echoed by Ivan Basso, a two-time Giro d’Italia winner and one of the founders of Polti Kometa: “I’m happy, very happy: Lechler is a company that immediately caught my attention because of its history and innovative spirit. This is a partnership that will go beyond mere sponsorship: behind this union there is a project, there is a study, there is sharing, there is passion. That’s why I am confident of the success of this agreement and our journey together.”

Francesca Polti, President and CEO of Polti, comments: “As a sponsor of Team Polti Kometa from 2024, I’m excited about the partnership with Lechler. From the outset, we have shared a solid set of values that have strengthened our bond, and I’m convinced that ethical consistency and shared intentions will lead to a meaningful project, driven by a strong sense of responsibility.”

Fran Contador, Polti Kometa GM: “Lechler is more than just a sponsor, but something that will accompany us in a real, tangible way: the team, our bikes and Lechler will work together in an innovative project that will involve everyone and will certainly take us very far. That’s why I’m particularly happy today.”


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