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Watch out for VOCs!
Monday, July 31, 2023

Watch out for VOCs!

The growing attention towards the topic of sustainability implies greater corporate awareness and the need to verify the suitability of its products according to methods recognised, measurable and shared at an international level.

The Indoor Air Comfort (IAC) analytical test is a consolidated tool that measures and guarantees compliance with the low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission criteria established by the European Community.

The products from the Lechsys Hydro line HYDROFRAME COAT PVC FLEX, HYDROCRYL 2K GRIP, HYDROPLAST SEMI GLOSSY WS, HYDROCRYL 2K GRIP MATT have passed the tests required by the IAC Parameters, thus obtaining an Indoor Air Comfort conformity result in the highest level called GOLD, in line with the most stringent international environmental certification protocols:

These products are also fully compliant with the CAM Building requirements (Minimum Environmental Criteria) as regards the Paints and Varnishes sector and, more specifically, the requirement 2.5.13 (point b - heavy metal exemption) and the requirement 2.5.1 (VOC emissions limit). The fact that Lechler is a UNI EN ISO 14001 certified company and the evidence of particularly low indoor VOC emissions (measured according to the UNI EN 16516 standard), also make these products compliant with additional CAM rewarding criteria defined in paragraphs 3.2.1 and 3.2.8.

Compliance with the CAM and IAC Gold requirements allows for compliance with the main international protocols regarding the emission of VOCs and with Green Public Procurement (GPP), i.e. the system that evaluates the possibility of including environmental qualification criteria in the application that Public Administrations express when purchasing goods and services.

Furthermore, IAC Gold and CAM compliant products and materials contribute to obtaining credits for achieving the American LEED and WELL building certifications and the English BREEAM, recognised throughout the world.

The IAC Gold and CAM compliant products from the Lechsys Hydro line can be used in all those sectors that need to offer a certificate of conformity to VOC requirements such as Contract, Habitat Interior, Hôtellerie and Furnishing Accessories intended for works of public and private procurements, designed according to the requirements of the main environmental protocols.

These products can be requested in all those sectors and in those companies that, through the control of VOC emissions, want to demonstrate in a concrete and measurable way the carbon footprint of their products and improve their PSI (Product Sustainability Index), an important parameter of the so-called Sustainability Report.

To book the in-depth webinar and open up new possibilities for dialogue with customers and professionals, write to claudia.salomoni@lechler.eu .


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