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AIR- Tech Process: fresh air in the body shop!
Monday, April 4, 2022

AIR- Tech Process: fresh air in the body shop!

Categories: Refinish

Lechler's proposal in the field of “air-drying” is now expanding with a new proposal able to increase productivity in the body shop without any energy costs. Time and money savings are guaranteed!

The current situation of strong increases on the energy and gas front, which we have been witnessing for some time, highlights even more the issue of energy costs and the importance of their impact within the bodywork sector. Eliminating waste with more modern and performing equipment, but above all adopting more efficient painting processes, with a lower energy demand, are topics that we have been bringing to the attention of our car body painters for a long time now.

A further answer to this issue comes from the improvement of the Lechler AIR-Tech process, now able to guarantee repairs with high productivity and ZERO energy consumption. The new process makes it possible to optimise workflows, avoiding unnecessary bottlenecks, and at the same time to eliminate energy costs, especially critical factors in the context of small repairs.

In addition to the well-known products available in the range, such as HYDROFAN HE Basecoat and MC380 MACROFAN AIRTECH UHS CLEARCOAT, the process now also benefits from the introduction of MF402-406-410 MACROFAN AIR-TECH HS SEALER, a two-pack, high solids primer sealer with very high speed of air drying and great sealing power. This product can be applied both in wet-on-wet and in dry-on-dry process and it is particularly ideal for small touch-ups where maximum speed and safety of the result are required.

Would you like to know more? Go to the AIR-Tech Process page: Fresh air in the body shop



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